Global Eclipse Gathering is Giving Us a Taste of Their Spectacular Lineup by Announcing 4/7 Stages Full of Artists

Global Eclipse Gathering is on route to announcing the full line up by releasing 4 of the 7 stages that are full of world renowned artists, musicians, producers, and DJ’s. With 13 Collaborators from around the world (pictured above, Beloved Festival and Science and Non-Duality not listed on image,) you can only expect the best […]

Envision Releases Art, Workshops, and Music Schedule

Photo Credit: Eric Allen and Envision Envision Festival has recently released their much anticipated Music, Arts, and Workshops schedule for their 7th annual year! Their 4 day weekend extravaganza is full of movement and conscious workshops; live painting, dancing, and creativity throughout the grounds and workshops, and of course music which is featured on 4 […]