Papadosio Impresses in Return to Lexington

In their first show in Lexington in years, Papadosio gave the sold out audience at Cosmic Charlie’s all they wanted and more. The energy was high after a great opening performance by JAW GEMS and as fans piled in to find their spot for the main act. The lights dropped as the crowd let out cheers while Papadosio took the stage. They opening the show with a fan favorite All I Knew then proceeded to deliver a set full of old and new songs riddled with deep improvisational jams and unique segues. With a setlist littered with classics like “Find Your Cloud”, “Snorkle” and “Improbability Blotter” mixed in with new favorites such as “Drift”, “Mr. Turtle’s Cloud Kingdom” and a Vactrollio encore, the crowd was treated to a taste of nearly every Papadosio album. No Papadosio show is ever exactly the same. Each time you see this band is a new adventure down a colorful road of music and self discovery. Maybe only a few groups of musicians a generation come along that have the power to bring people together like Papapdosio can. To find and harness that deep and beautiful inspiration within us all to be present in the now and to strive to better ourselves and the world around us. Since the release of their latest EP Pattern Integrities in September 2016 Papadosio has been hitting full stride as they jam towards their second Red Rocks headlining performance in May. Pattern Integrities has fit into their catalog of songs seamlessly as they continue to mesh past with present to recreate and redesign their art to gather more passionate and loyal fans. Be sure not to miss Papadosio this spring and summer tour!

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