The City Beyond Tomorrow- The 8th annual NYE Dance Celebration that goes by the revered name of Decadence. Produced by Global Dance, this year was easily the biggest and best yet! Check out our coverage of Decadence in Colorado below, along with for our first time, Coverage in the Desert of Decadence in Arizona! Click on the links for complete galleries and coverage!

Below are our reviews for the beautiful NYE event, Decadence.

2018 Coverage

One of the Best Lineups & Stage Production Designs at Decadence Colorado {2018 Event Review w/ Media}

Decadence Media Colorado 2018


8 Decadence Artists That You NEED To Groove To

Decadence Arizona Approaches Their 5th Year Anniversary & They Have Quite The Lineup For us [2018]

2017 Coverage

Beautiful Chaos in the City Beyond Tomorrow – Decadence 2017 {Festival Review w/ Photo + Video}

Decadence Arizona ’17 Review w/ Photo & Video

Decadence Colorado ’17

Decadence Arizona ’17


The City of Dreams has recently blossomed for their 6th annual NYE Dance Celebration. Decadence 2016 had quite the line up, as they always do, but this year has taken the cake. We are honored to have joined the Global Dance crew to help do media coverage for their event! Check out our 2016 media!

Decadence Colorado 2016 




2016 Decadence Announcements

The Artists Announced So Far for Decadence in Denver

Decadence in Arizona Has a Fire Lineup, so What Does it Mean for Colorado?


Facebook – The Chronic Electronic

Youtube -The Chronic Electronic

Bassnectar 11 minute intro – 1/8

Bassnectar 2/8

Bassnectar 3/8

Bassnectar 4/8

Bassnectar 5/8 -Basshead

Bassnectar 6/8

Bassnectar 7/8 – Speakerbox

Bassnectar Last Song – 8/8 Motorhead tribute

Black Tiger Sex Machine Intro – 1/5

Black Tiger Sex Machine 2/5

Black Tiger Sex Machine DnB 3/5

Black Tiger Sex Machine Rage Against RMX 4/5

Black Tiger Sex Machine Last Track – 5/5

Dabin – We Will Rock you Kai Wachi

Dabin – I’ll remember you

Deadmau5 Intro – 1/5

Deadmau5 Maths & more – 2/5

Deadmau5 Cthulhu Sleeps & I Said – 3/5

Deadmau5 The Veldt into Strobe – 4/5

Deadmau5 Ending – 5/5

Excision 11 minute Intro – 1/4

Excision + Gloving – 2/4

Excision + Feels + Gloving + Lights = beauty – 3/4

Excision playing Destroid – 4/4

Figure 1/6

Figure 2/6

Figure Deep House 3/6

Figure 4/6

Figure 5/6

Figure 6/6

The Floozies unique and funky

The Floozies close view


Jack Ü Premier Intro

TBC and NYE Balloon drop

What So Not – Arrows

What So Not – Jaguar