Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering: A Must for Any Diehard Transformational Festival Lover

On a cool, crisp, summer morning, as the sun is first peaking over the horizon, a music festival with thousands of like-minded individuals gather for an experience like no other. The speakers flex rhythmic bass notes and harmonic synths, the food vendors get their breakfast options going and the smell of morning dew and coffee fills the open air. The day prepares itself for another descent into the beautiful and filthy perks of a music festival. Throughout the day people have the option of relaxing at camp, roaming the grounds for food vendors or art installations, going to workshops and expanding their knowledge or physical abilities, or of course, experiencing music at multiple stages. When the sun peaks down behind the opposing horizon, the life of the gathering sparks alive and grows to its climax. At this point, usually all stages are in full activation mode with production and multiple artists share the stage throughout the day. It gets closer to the middle of the night and when that happens, time conflicts happen making you choose one artist or split the artist sets up into shorter segments… it is quite possibly the hardest decision to make when attending the festival. Then as the night starts to dwindle down and set off some chill vibes, the crowds disperse to either enjoy more music until the sunrise or go back to camp and get more rest for the next day of music.


If you have experienced any of the above and loved every moment of it, then this “Festival” we are going to talk about is the festival for you to venture to in 2020. Even if you haven’t gone to a festival but you are interested in the festivities and are an avid traveler, then this is for you. And it’s only happening once in our lifetime, so you SHOULDN’T miss it!! None other than, Global Eclipse Gathering: Patagonia, which is in Argentina! (And yes, it is a reputable production, as 12 festivals from around the world worked on their last gathering in 2017 in Oregon.) So let’s break it down and bring you up to date on what is happening at the end of this 2020 year!

What is happening?


A Total Solar Eclipse will be visible on land December 14th, 2020; in the South American regions of Chile and Argentina, the rest of the eclipse will span across the oceans, which is what happens 70% of the time a Total Solar Eclipse happens. Last time a Total Solar Eclipse happened and was visible on land, Global Eclipse Gathering collaborated with 13 different festivals from around the world to celebrate the eclipse in a wondrous spot surrounded by beautiful nature in the heart of Oregon. So with another Total Solar Eclipse in the not so distant future, Global Eclipse Gathering is working hard to make the next installment of the Gathering better than the one before. Tickets go on sale for only a quick round from Jan 21-30th and we can not express this enough to get them the first couple days BECAUSE they will not last till the 30th and truthfully we are unsure how many more rounds they will release…probably one, but you shouldn’t risk it. More ticket information posted at the bottom.


2020 Path of Totality posted here:



A little history of Global Eclipse Gathering:

The production back tracks to one of the most influential transformational music festivals in North America, Symbiosis Gathering, which was created in California back in 2005. Since then, Symbiosis has held not only their events throughout the years, but an annular Eclipse Gathering in Nevada in 2012, and helped with co-producing a Gathering for the Total Solar Eclipse in North Queensland, Australia in 2012 and of course the most recent one in the middle of Oregon in 2017. When in Oregon, the artists they brought ranged from high to low and from far and near. Locals of the region to locals of the festivals that collaborated on the festival, examples; France, Brazil, Australia, U.K, and many more. Just check out a few of the stage lineups from the 2017 Eclipse Gathering in the pictures below and get your mind blown!

We can not even fathom who they plan to bring to Argentina! The music was not the only mind-blowing part of Global Eclipse that was obscurely epic… They brought over a miles worth of vendors from clothes, to unique items, and of course TONS of food, from regions from all over the world!! This gathering will truly expand your cultural appreciation and will give you all kinds of opportunities to try something new! You can read more about the history of Global Eclipse Gathering and what their mission is on their website here:

Global Eclipse Gathering Mission Statement

A Wooks Guide to Getting there from the U.S.A:

We wanted to add in a special little guide that might help our fellow festi-heads in prepping to make the big leap and go off continent to a country for a gathering that is a once in a life time experience. So lets get it in and we hope our list helps!

  • Start planning now!!
    – Tickets have already been on sale for a round and they are coming for another round rather soon. So make sure to start with the first step and secure your tickets.
    – If planning to doing more traveling outside of the festival, start your research at places you want to go to and that are actually doable. Argentina is the 9th largest country in the world and the festival is located right in the heart of the foothills of the Andes, so neighboring Chile is a good choice. The venue location described from the Global Eclipse Crew: “Arriving will take around 2 ½ hours from San Carlos de Bariloche, 3 hours from Pucon, Chile, 4 hours from Neuquen Capital or 40 minutes from Junin de los Andes and can be found 20 km from the nearest town Las Coloradas.”
    – If you want to see the iconic glacier, Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, the location is 21 hours South, while Buenos Aires is 12 hours Northeast. So either plan your flights or find other means of safe transportation.
    – Plan to learn basic Spanish or have someone with that knowledge join your crew!
    – Seriously, save as much as you can. You should expect a higher rate when estimating budgets, always, better to guess high and have extra then get less than expected.
    – For plane tickets, it will be hard to get something without a layover, so find what is either most comfortable for you or cheapest for you. The average flight time will be around 16-19 hours, so mentally prep yourself.
    **Expect plane tickets to be around $1500 round trip, throw on an extra hundred or two to be safe. (Just to be clear they are all not $1500, tickets, from family experience, can be found around this time for $900 round trip, just have to purchase tickets at the right times, which this article goes into: When to purchase international plane tickets. (Around 70 days out yields the best prices and times.)
  • If you can expand your trip time to not only increase possibility of cheaper round trip tickets, but to also soak in the culture besides the festival… You left the USA, so enjoy it while you can because traveling in Argentina is CHEAPER than what you would expect. Full meals w/ alcohol at a restaurant are upwards to $10-12.
  • Think and prep your packing. Flying international the bags can add up quickly, like $75 per bag, if not more. So pack tight, but make sure you bring everything you need!
    – Tents? Yes we know tents are a bitch. We suggest either paying the price for bringing the tent as a bag, or purchasing one there in Argentina and either donating it or bringing it back. We suggest not throwing it away. People are always in need, no matter where you are.
    – Clothes: Make sure to bring summer clothes, as even though it is December, it is Summer time in Argentina. But, with the location being pretty far south of the equator, the temperatures can drastically change. So prep for anything. (Weather check 1/12/20 – high 87, low 48 Fahrenheit, with temperatures ranging around the same and sunny all week.)
    – Shoes: If possible bring at least two, just in case something gets destroyed from the weather or mud. You will be camping in NATURE, prepare for it. Bring shoes and boots at least.
    – It can be dusty, prepare for dusty conditions as well as windy.
    – Blankets / Sleeping bags, in your biggest bag that you are bringing, make sure to pack at least a blanket and or a sleeping bag. If you can, bring a pillow too.
    – Technology: Don’t forget any phone accessories you’ll be needing and if you can get external battery packs for charging on the go. Laptops will be iffy to bring, take the chance if you think you should, but we would recommend no.
  • Passport!!! *IMPORTANT**
    – Make sure you pack your passport or if you don’t have one, make sure you submit your application for one at least 6-8 weeks before December!
  • Travel Vaccines!
    – Unless you want to get the Zika Virus or some shit, we recommend that you go to your local doctor or pharmacy and get the travel vaccines for South America / Argentina!
  • Travelers Insurance.
    – You want to be sure to get travelers insurance for any unfortunate situations that may occur, being; stolen/lost  items, hospital visits, etc. Depending on the type of packages available, you should choose what is best for you.
  • Just travel light.
    – The lighter the better and going out of country, you will see some stuff you may have never seen before. And you will want it! You’ll come back with more than what you went out with, so prepare for that!
  • Download WhatsApp
    – It is a communication app that goes over wifi and allows for international conversation without crazy fees. Txt is free and phone calls are pretty minimal. We highly suggest this app to not only keep in contact with people back at home but communicate with other festival goers.
  • Lastly, travel with friends, even if you do not know them the best, it makes it all the more worth while, and even more so, it makes it safer.
    -When I went to Oregon Eclipse, the crew I went with were mutual friends, friends of friends, I didn’t know them, and yet we became family and it was easily one of the best crews I have ever had. Take the chance and make some new friends.
    – Going solo is fine and we encourage breaking out of your comfort zone, but at the same time, being safe is better than being sorry. Try and meet up with as many people as possible and definitely keep people up to date with where you are!


Tickets go on sale soon! As in NEXT F*&$ING week! They come in cycles so make sure to hop on this asap because who knows when they will come on sale again. Spectacle Passes go on sale January 21st to the 30th. You can keep a close eye on their website and be sure to get tickets ASAP because they are sure to sell out before the 30th.

Global Eclipse Facebook

Global Eclipse Website

Oregon Eclipse 2017 TCE Unoffical Photo coverage

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