Zhu: Global Dance Festival Artist Spotlight

Mysterious.  Anonymous.  Sensational.  These are all words that describe Zhu.  When Zhu first started producing and releasing music, he asked his record labels to keep him anonymous. A talented vocalist and musician – combining electronic music and instruments, charisma and passion for his music. Within a few years Zhu became a sensation. Releasing “Faded” gave Zhu huge […]

AND NOW…for Something Completely DIFFERENT – Bassnectar Presents Freestyle Sessions @ 1stBank Center 7/7-7/9

Colorado is about to get wrecked!! Bassnectar absolutely loves coming to this state but with the parting of the ways at Red Rocks and change in location for Bass Center, Bassnectar had to do what he does best… and CHANGE IT UP! Coming to the 1stBank center to present “Freestyle Sessions,” the mastermind is bringing […]

12 Must See Artists at the 12th Annual Sonic Bloom

The Unified Field is bringing their 12th annual celebration near (or sometimes on) the summer solstice, to the Hummingbird Ranch for another splendid and gorgeous year! Sonic Bloom. A festival built on innovation and creativity, bringing together instruments and electronic music to a beautiful blend of premier modern day music. Collaboration is everywhere at this festival […]

BREAKING NEWS: Cervantes Floor Boards Will Need To Be Replaced the Day After NOISIA F*#kS IT UP

BREAKING NEWS: Cervantes is going to get seriously turnt as drum and bass headbangers are going to come from all around for this bass filled show. With the gnarly combination of two local production companies, Reload Productions and Rebudz, they are bringing back ‘Bass Rising’ with an epic headliner – the world renowned Noisia, support […]