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Welcome to where we discover and share up and coming artist’s across the nation but particularly, the states we are currently residing in.

For the Local Artist of the Month, we have selected the brand new, JEANIE. Check out our most recent up & coming artists!

What defines up & coming? Under 20,000 likes on Facebook / Soundcloud, still a new(ish) project compared to other artists. Supports the local scene with playing shows as support, being apart of other up & coming artist collaborations, and many other methods.


Kleavr & Tantrum – We are ending the decade out with one of the biggest up & coming names in the scene currently. A duo from Chicago area, Kleavr & Tantrum, two bass heads with quite the nasty taste of dubstep music are taking over the scene, world wide. Already they have put out a couple of releases on Borgore’s Record label, Buygore, along with going on mini tour with him and throwing down some heavy shows. Just last month they put out a banging 4 track EP on Never Say Die Black Label and it is quite insane. This riddim based duo are quite possibly going to be one of the biggest names in 2020 for riddim and filthy dubstep, so if you like banging your head, do not skip out on this crazy folk and check out some of their music below!

Kleavr & Tantrum Facebook

Kleavr & Tantrum Soundcloud


low kee. – One of Tennessee’s hottest experimental bass producers, low kee., is making headway with his insane sound design and wonk-a-delic live performances. With influences from Tipper, Bogtrotter, Mindex, and more, low kee. is quickly becoming one of the most sought out producers in the scene. He has several releases / compilations on the way through a couple of labels including us in December. Keep an eye out for some epic beats.

low kee. Facebook

low kee. Soundcloud


JEANIE – A female producer from the east coast is hitting the bass scene with her unique take on wubs, dubs, and 808’s. JEANIE, is a hybrid bass producer who is throwing together all styles of epic bass music together for a collection of tunes that truly stick out. She has put out multiple songs, all of which go hard in the m’f’ing paint, she several songs that go off in the mid-tempo range, meanwhile she hits the trap section super hard, like with her recent release Head Shot, and her collab with Godlands that got released on DIM MAK. She is starting to take over shows as a support artist and she is absolutely blowing up. Make sure to check out her socials to see if she’s coming to a town near you!

JEANIE Facebook

JEANIE Soundcloud


Lucii – This up and coming Alien, Lucii,  is coming from miles around to bring some of the wonkiest wookiest beats to much needed bassheads. She is influenced from some big names like Bassnectar, Liquid Stranger, Tipper and more and it truly reflects in her music. Even though she only has a handful of songs released, the releases on Wakaan have made major head way that has gotten her music across the country to give her epic opportunities to showcase her music live. All of her releases on Wakaan are truly some alien sh*t with some exotic sounds, excellent and hyptonizing bass lines, and just over all on point production that is making her name spread like wildfire. Watch out for her at Wakaan and Deadbeats events!

Lucii Facebook

Lucii Soundcloud


Abelation – A young, aspiring, up & coming producer from the Bay Area in Cali, is making some serious moves with his insane production. Backed by the Lost Dogz squad, with experimental and wonky bass buddies, Eazybaked & Milano, Abelation is taking over the wook scene and the basshead scene in one. He has a crazy sound design that truly resembles his unique sound to such a point that within seconds of hearing any one of his songs, you will know it is Abelation beats. With his brillant production and mind-boggling live performance, Abelation has been annihilating the scene and capturing the ears and souls of bass-loving wooks all across the world. Just recently he played a massive performance on opening day of Shambhala where he had packed out the crowd and brought out musical chaos. Also earlier this month in August, he has released a banging new song, “Unforgotten,” which can be heard below.

Abelation Facebook

Abelation Soundcloud


PhLo – Gomez, aka PhLO, a Denver grown artist, has grown exponentially grown within the local Denver Bass scene and the surrounding wook scenes. Just recently he has an epic performance at Sonic Bloom including a secret b2b with Ziim and Quite Possibly. He’s played a plethora of Black Box shows through sub.mission. PhLo is an innovator for the experimental and psychedelic bass. He’s had releases on Seeds of Tomorrow, MalLabel Music, Wormhole Music, and Mean Mug Music. Do not miss out on this experiemental bass star who is taking over the scene!

PhLo Facebook

PhLo Soundcloud 


Pluto Era – Recently Sub.mission, a record label in Denver, just did the most proper move and brought on up & coming bass music prodigy Pluto Era is on route to taking over the scene with phunky and wonky sounds. Meow, Pluto Era is not from Denver, he is proudly a Phillie born and raised producer who has the influences of jazz & blues mashed together with modern experimental and freeform bass. Some of the artists he has shared the stage with are; Shpongle, Jade Cicada, Frequent, who are just to name a few! He has an up coming headlining performance, June 25th at The Black Box for Electronic Tuesdays, meanwhile, the next weekend, he will be playing at Compound Sound, a festival put on by our friends Angry Neighbor! His live performances are of something not on this planet and so is his immensely creative and outlandish music production. Being an excellent and well maintained up & coming producer, Pluto Era has been putting out songs frequently. Just one month ago he released a banging yet entrancing EP, Protohuman, and over the course of a year he has put out a handful of songs that have rocked the local wook & underground bass scene. Because of this and so magnificent factors, Pluto Era is out Up & Coming Artist of the month, for June 2019! Check out his socials and give him a follow to stay up to date with his dank beats and epic performances!

Pluto Era Facebook

Pluto Era Soundcloud

Sub.Mission Pluto Era Page


Brondo – A force has been rumbling around in the Bass Jungle… a new and upcoming mysterious act, Brondo, who just until recently, was an unknown artist. But at his debut show in the Bass capital at The summit hall in Denver, (where tickets was a Banana for admission,) Brondo not only debuted, but released his identity. From Castle Rock, a town south of Denver, Tom O’Connell, who was recently T.O.C (Totally Outta Control,) has done a massive rebranding with one of the most brilliant ideas yet. An animalistic take on nasty dubstep. Brondo defines bass and wonky sounds. His debut EP, Bass Jungle is nothing but straight fuego dubstep brilliance, and is the main theme to the kickstarter of this massive project. Already at 50,000 likes on Facebook along with 6,500+ on Soundcloud, Brondo is on the clear road to success at being the next biggest name in dubstep!

Brondo Facebook

Brondo Soundcloud


Kyral x Banko – The naughty duo of Kyral x Banko has been dominating the bass scene across the front range over the past year pretty heavily. They are apart of the Quality Good Fam, (Record label from UZ) but also have collaborated with Angry Neighbor and MorFlo with epic releases and live performances! They play a nice variety of heavy trap beats, dubby sounds, and extraordinary sound production, with the occasional live rapping from one of them (Jeff.) In the studio they have collaborated with G-Rex, SoDown, and a couple other of artists. They may be sitting on a quite a handful of unreleased music which just makes their live performances oh so much more interesting. Their trap beats are brilliantly designed and combine the best of slowed down 808 hits along with nasty sound design that, together comes to be one of the most exhilarating genres of dance music out there. Check out some of the filth below and make sure to follow their Facebook & Soundcloud for releases and news!

Kyral x Banko Facebook

Kyral x Banko Soundcloud


Ahee – “The Man, the myth, the alien fish!” No better introduction to an artist’s bio than that! Ahee is turning heads and taking souls onto a one way groove train to a dimension of unworldly bass! This California grown music producer has quite the galactic following for just being on the rise. He has traveled to Costa Rica for dual performances under Ahee and his side project, Heartwurkz, and is going across the states on his own tour! He has self released most of his music and gotten EPIC feedback across the board. He sent out his tunes to be played at the most recent Bassnectar event in Mexico to music mastermind ill.gates. Ahee is just one alien to look out for and with March Maddness on the horizon we only expect the nastiest production to come from him yet.

Ahee Facebook

Ahee Soundcloud


Deerskin – Coming from up North in Elkhorn, WI. – where nature and wild life run freely, an artist has inspired his work from odd and unique features from our world and put together sounds that truly represent Deerskin‘s work. A psychedelic bass producer with aspects of downtempo, glitchy, goodness who when performing live has a live midi loop incorporated where he can do fresh change ups of songs of his. He has been killing the game across the states and he is just beginning to truly break ground. Check out some of Deerskin’s music and follow his socials below!

Deerskin Facebook

Deerskin Soundcloud


Spectale: A 3 piece jam-tronica band from Denver is taking over the local scene through the forces of Angry Neighbor. Performing at local events from Boulder to Fort Colins and all cross the front range to even getting announced to upcoming festivals like One Vibration or Sonic Bloom, Spectacle is grabbing the hearts of the sci-fi EDM fans with unworldly beats. They graze the horizon of funky beats along with poppy disco vibes that get aligned with a groovy electronic beat unlike any other sound. Check out their latest EP here:

Spectale Facebook

Spectale Soundcloud


Mersiv: Colorado based bass artist is causing a whirlwind of ruckus with his insane beat production! Starting out with the homies from MorFlo Records, Mersiv has grown into a massive producer by recently having a release on Deadbeats and along with being signed to Madison House, Mersiv has just been on a whole different level of brilliant music production! He is finishing up a pretty vast nationwide tour and in the start of the new year he will be direct support for the Boogie T.rio tour! Some are calling him a mini Bassnectar as his sounds are just as heavy but structured in a different way of wonk. It doesn’t help that his hair is just as majestic as the ‘King of the Sound’s’, but truly this guy is on one and will be headlining massive shows and festivals before we know it. He already destroyed electric forest last year… we can’t wait to see what other festivals get hit with the Mersiv Sound Project.

Mersiv Facebook

Mersiv Soundcloud


Psyntimental: A gnarly duo from up north in the state of Michigan who go by the name of Psyntimental. They produce a wonky and heavy style of bass music with influences from artists like, Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Moody Good, Minnesota, and more! Earlier this year they entered the UNTZ.com music competition to have select performances at festivals across the nation and they won! This gave them a plethora of opportunities to spread their music at festivals such as; Sonic Bloom, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, and more! This year has been massive and its only getting bigger for them. In the coming month, Psyntimental will have their first album released, under the name of Computer Based Science. On this album they flex their musical ideas and blend together sounds for a one kind sound that is defying modern day electronic music. Check out their album Computer Based Science, in three days! Here is one of our favorite songs posted below.

Psyntimental Facebook

Psyntimental Soundcloud


Craftal: Glitch Hop has met a new player. One of Denver’s finest, Craftal, is taking over the underground scene with his scratchy and space like sounds for an ultimate blend he refers as Cyperfunk. An unique take on the dance scene for sure! Having performed at The Black Box, Empire State Room in Texas, and in Washington! He has performed for big names such as Andreilien and Detox Unit! Check out this locals spacey glitch hop!

Craftal Facebook

Craftal Soundcloud


DropTalk: “Trap” and “Bass” music is getting a fresh dosage of unique and talented music from Boulder grown producer, DropTalk. We are featuring our Up & Coming Artist of the Month to this wizard of beats. His project started in 2016 and has grown into a local phenomena. Having several releases under the name DropTalk so far, but as well as his other project, Creature, we can only expect that Michael will continue to be on the rise and put out some of the filthiest beats to date. Check out his LATEST release w/ Sunshine Collective, “Exorcism”.

DropTalk Facebook

DropTalk Soundcloud


Woolymammoth: Up and Coming artist from San Fran is taking everyone by surprise with his insane hybrid bass music production. Dabbling between hip-hop styled beats to filthy half time and everywhere inbetween, Woolymammoth has been a name to look out for. Having Collaborated with ATLiens in the past and just recently perfomed at Shambhala Music Festival, we know that Woolymammoth is killin’ the scene as an Up & Coming Artist.

Woolymammoth Facebook

Woolymammoth Soundcloud


G-Space: A brilliant multi-instrumentalist and tricking artist who produces magnificent wonky beats. This month’s up & coming artist spotlight goes out to our close & beyond humble friend; amazing musician, and tricking record label owner, Grady B., also known as G-Space. Raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, G-Space has traveled the world doing the two things he loves the most, music production and tricking. He had gone to Europe for a tricking tour competition and in doing so had made tons of friends along the way. Fast forward a few months and dreams turn into realities. G-Space had compiled people together from all over to form a record label solely composed of trickers, named Iceberg Productions. For those of you who don’t know what tricking is: “A form of acrobatics where practitioners focus mainly on linking together chains of acrobatic kicks, flips, and twists in combinations, or combos.” Basically doing tricks us normal people would do on trampolines, right in front of us on hard ground… sometimes even playing an instrument. G-Space has defied the rules of live entertainment by being a solo act for music performance but still engaging in stage arts as well. May not be much tricking, but throwing down an original song and running to the front of stage or into the crowd and doing a backflip then going back up is pretty badass. You add that in with his insane beats that he produces or pulls from these other up & coming tricking producers, and it’s an experience that you will not get from anywhere else. He put out a mix for us on The Electronic Chronicles which can be seen in this link. For those of you who are curious about the tricking label, check out his website below for more info and their first compilation release, ‘No Experience Necessary’.

G-Space Facebook

G-Space Soundcloud

Iceberg Productions Facebook

G-Space Website


ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ – When poolside ‘house vibes’ get matched by funky disco like synths and harmonious beats the result is the ultimate “quality of being pleasing to the ear,” in other terms Euphony. This month’s up and coming Artist spotlight is focused on; originally from the iconic Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, but now residing in L.A, ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ is using his 12 years of musical expertise to release his blissful sounds to the world with an awe-inspiring production. Not only does ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ play with diverse genres from house, funk, soul, R&B, and disco, but he incorporates his self-illustrated art that he uses as cover art / live visual art. Inspired by his dreams, ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ is turning ‘dreams into realities’ by illustrating and producing images and sounds in his head and turning them into beautiful creations of art. Because of this, among his amazing productions and notable festival performances such as Life is Beautiful and Splash House which is coming up this weekend, ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ is one of the artists gaining grounds super quick and is an artist you gotta look out for! Check out his recent release, “Planetesimals” which goes to show this ultimate blend of relaxed yet groovy live electronic beats and be on the look out for his newest release “All I Have For You” coming out this Friday! This song truly goes to show his diversity in music production as he takes his sound for a wonderful turn with Funk House. Make sure to follow him below to keep up with all of the releases and performances!

ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ Soundcloud

ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ Facebook


VCTRE – Thazdope has seriously found some serious fireeeee. VCTRE – a wonky future bass produce from Alabama who has been straight slaying the sub frequencies game with insane sound design is hitting the scene extra hard this year. He is an up and coming producer but with the beats he has been laying out, its as he says: “For the transmitter, for the infections. A curator of sound; cultivator of motion.” You can expect to see him at some major events across the states this year, such as Disc Jam Music Festival, where he will be playing the afterhours silent disco hosted by The Wook of Wallstreet. A definite must see for festival goers and for those who cant attend, there is a filthy mix in the coming months. Until then here is one of our favorites from VCTRE!


Opalyte – Another Boulder, Colorado grown artist, but this one is under the wings of our friends at MorFlo Records! Opalyte has been influenced by some of the biggest bass names in the scene and with passion and determination, Opalyte has put his talent with playing multiple instruments and excellent sound design to the test! With creating some of the wonkier and deeper sounds on the Front Range, Opalyte is quickly getting his name and sound recognized across the scene. Check out some of his music in the links below! He recently put out a new EP called Further and on top of that he has a single ‘Kala’ that got released on theUntz.com. Nothing but big moves from this guy! Catch him before he blows up!

Opalyte Facebook

Opalyte Soundcloud


SoDown- This Boulder Grown, saxophone funky trap artist has been on the rise and rise for the past couple years. With several performances at Festivals like Sonic Bloom and Gem and Jam, SoDown has been catching the ears of many by his unique production. He incorporates saxophone with gnarly trap beats but at the same time keeps it groovy it by bringing it back to funky music that represents Colorado oh so well! He has worked with artists Kyral X Banko and Defunk and has remixed artists like GRiZ and Manic Focus that absolutely pop off! Check out this up and coming artist as it wont be long until he is headlining his own events!

SoDown Facebook

SoDown Soundcloud


Adam Stark- Denver’s foreman for trance. Having been in the scene for multiple years, Adam Stark has earned him self a residency at Beta Nightclub and is heavily involved with Global Dance events, being the to go to trance act for the local music. Having been direct support for artists like Tiesto, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin and many more, he is the Artist we all crave to see for the feels. Don’t miss any of his upcoming shows! Check it out on his Facebook for more info!

Adam Stark Facebook

Adam Stark Soundcloud


Cloud-D – This Colorado grown hetti producer has a live performance that will blow you away. Signed on the sub.mission crew, Cloud-D is showcasing fresh beats by producing them live on stage and incorporating some of the dankest music in the scene. He is an artist that you’ll catch and be hypnotized by with his psychedelic bass music!

Cloud-D Facebook

Cloud-D Soundcloud


Mersiv – Coming from the up and coming production and record label, Formo Productions. Mersiv is quite possibly their new prodigy. Based in Longmont, Mersiv has been bumping around the Front Range and getting people hyped with his one of a kind bass music. With an influence from Bassnectar, his music resembles the grime but has a relentless style of his own. Don’t miss out on his next mind melting performance!

Mersiv Facebook Link

Mersiv Soundcloud Link


DMVU – Deep dub producer, DMVU has a sound like no other that is getting him noticed by oh so many such as, Minnesota, Zeds Dead, Excision, and more! His release, Bloccd, for Deep Dark and Dangerous, a label by Truth, has gotten him the recognition he needs to get his music out to the world. Check him out as he is on the rise and will not be long until headlining his own gnarly events

DMVU Facebook Link

DMVU Soundcloud Link


Trajikk – Denver local, Trajikk has been a diehard Global Dance resident, with performing at their shows and local clubs for over 10 years, Trajikk has been a consistent underground act that keeps the energy high and the the music fresh.


Whiskas – This purr faced bass artist has been slaying the scene in Denver and is going to be taking his art to the Groove Cruise from LA to Mexico. He plays a varity of deep house but doesnt stay away from the 808’s or the dubstep. He keeps the party alive while bringing the house vibes. A definite artist on the up and coming that we fully back!


Illy Wonka – Still figuring out his damn name.. He has played at Beta and Boulder house! Playing from deep house to deep medi.. this dude will take you on a bass adventure!


Rettchit – “The Age of The Robot is upon on us and Rettchit is the first phase in humanities final stage of this evolution, as prophesied so long ago.” Producing gnarly dubstep and bass heavy music, Rettchit is on the rise fast and quickly turning heads with his badass taste in production and his helmet design! Check out Rettchit!

Rettchit Facebook Link

Rettchit Soundcloud Link


Detrace- Denver Dubstep talent, Detrace is hitting the shows hard in Colorado. Playing heavy dubstep trap and other bass heavy styles, Detrace is opening for major acts on the front range getting his name spread rapidly. His name has grown fast and within a matter of time he will be phenomena across the nation.

Detrace Facebook Link

Detrace Soundcloud Link


OddZoo – A local from where this site originated, in Winter Park, FL and one of our co-founders, Matt L. (OddZoo) has been making his name known within the past few months and has only on been the rise since then. He has been booked for several shows, including after parties at festivals and opening for big acts through Promised Land Productions and Riddim Gang! Check out his recent release and his first EP, Geography. A definite up and coming artist that will be hitting the festival circuits and tours quicker than expected.

Odd Zoo Soundcloud

Odd Zoo Facebook


MVRTIVL LVW- Colorado Springs Grown dubstep Dj has been exploding in the scene. Playing at Rawkus often, he has gotten his name out there as he has opened for major names such as Arius, Far Too Loud, AFK, and more! Check out this upcoming artist below!

MVRTIVL LVW Soundcloud



Otterspace – Even though its not colorado, Otterspace represents the deserts in New Mexico, being from Sante fe and playing in Taos often, Otterspace is on the rise. Playing out vibe filled sets with a perfect melody of future bass and heavy dark bass, Otterspace is truly taking us to outer space!! Check him out

Otterspace Soundcloud

Otterspace Facebook


Zonra – Coming from Denver, Colorado, Zonra has been a major influence on the bass heavy psychedelic scene. Creating glitchy, psychedelic bass music, Zonra offers some of the freshest music and original sets in Denver. A definite must see if ever in your city or at a festival you are going too. He has played for Mimosa and played at Sonic Bloom. Check out his Facebook and soundcloud below!

Zonra Soundcloud

Zonra Facebook


Mindex – This psychedelic electronic music producer offers us the dankest glitch – trip, funky, world, drum and bass music. Having played several major festivals across America and in European and Asian countries such as Russia, Turkey, India, and Indonesia, Mindex has been capturing the brains of all his attendees with a jaw dropping performance every time. Listen to some of his music below and make sure to check out his facebook page for upcoming events!

Mindex Soundcloud

Mindex Facebook


BENOIT – Anderson from Denver is creating some crazy bass music. With inspirations from Bassnectar, G Jones, Noisia, and more, his music has the perfect match of hard bass, spacey beats, and unique samples. He recently came out with an EP that holds his distinct sound. Check out this local that is soon to be up and coming!

Benoit SoundCloud

Benoit Facebook


Efemel – David from Denver is a dubstep producer showing his skills off often. Playing at a Global dance event recently and upcoming at Cervantes, Efemel is showing the Bass scene that he knows how to drop it heavy. Check out this heavy remix of Tipper!

Efemel Facebook

Efemel SoundCloud


T.O.C – Local Colorado DJ and producer has been on the rise for the past couple years in Colorado. With playing multiple Global Dance events such as, Decadence, Skylab, Hallowfreaknween, and more, T.O.C is quickly becoming recgonized for his hard work and talented taste in electronic bass music.

T.O.C Facebook

T.O.C SoundCloud


Unexotic -On the Forward Momentum Productions team, he is on route to being an up and coming local here in Colorado Check out his most recent release, a Remix of “Wet”

Unexotic Facebook
Unexotic SoundCloud


Android Jones

3rd generation of Jones in Colorado, incredibly talented visual artists Android Jones creates some of the most mind appealing art in the scene. He has performed for Tipper several times before, in which they go hand in hand for music and visual experience. He has projected on the emperor state building. If you want to see some of the most awe inspiring visual arts check out his website and facebook

Android Jones FaceBook

Android Jones Website





Resident of Beta and long time local DJ, Dragon plays towards the crowd and depending on what event he gets booked at, he will play a certain style of music. Definitely worth while to go see this artist bring the locals together for a gnarly party!

Dragon Facebook



Even though she was born in Vancouver, she is a Colorado Based music producer now and has been killing the local scene for months. She plays at events such as Sonic Bloom and Arise. She puts on an crazy live experience with not only dj’ing but singing live and playing on the keytar! Check out this extremely talented local artist

ILL-ESHA Facebook

ILL-ESHA SoundCloud



Resident of Submission and Colorado Springs Local, Psychedelic Bass Producer. Playing at places such as Sonic Bloom and opening for Shpongle, has attracted a certain type of fan base to his music. Check it out!

Cloud-D FaceBook

Cloud-D SoundCloud


Triad Dragons

Owners of Triad Dragons Events, they decided to come together for a beautiful music collaboration. They play at their events and around the state and play some house bangers to heavy dubstep and select unique music. They are a local DJ that must be seen!

Triad Dragons FaceBook

Triad Dragons SoundCloud



A Resident DJ of Beta Nightclub and Colorado Local, DJ Fury, he has for years been killing game and deserves the up most attention and respect for being one of Colorado’s main sources for Drum and Bass Music. This guy is TALENTED! He chooses the best Drum and bass to play for the most anticipated shows at beta. Check him out someday, plays on Fridays usually.

Fury Facebook
Fury SoundCloud


Exxc!tment – Elkhart, IN (Now in Longmont, CO)
Exxc!tment SoundCloud 
Exxc!tment Facebook


Calvin Hobbes – Monument, CO Article: Calvin Hobbes: Artist to Lookout for in the Year 2016
Calvin Hobbes Soundcloud


Wuki- Denver – Wuki Soundcloud


Decadon – Decadon Soundcloud