Texas Eclipse Festival Breaks Ground w/ MASSIVE News Announcements

One of the worlds greatest natural phenomena’s is coming around to The United States in April of next year. A sensation that has left mankind in awe for centuries, a total solar eclipse. A rare event where the moon cross directly in front of the sun, completely blocking it out except for what seems to be a ring of fire highlighting the rim of the moon. This epic occasion draws in hundreds of thousands if not millions of visitors from all around the world to certain areas along the path of totality and for the Eclipse happening on April 8th 2024, some festival organizers who chase Total Solar Eclipses are coming together to bring forth an epic gathering of music, art, and festivities. Happening from April 5th to the 9th, Texas Eclipse Festival is an amazing collaboration put together by Disco Donnie and Symbiosis Gathering, alongside other festivals from around the world such as; Bass Coast, Origin, Re:Birth, Beloved, and many more. Texas Eclipse Festival has the backings and support to not only make good use of the phenomena, but will be able to properly support the mass amount of people with having more than enough space for activities, production and the crowd. Located in Burnet, Texas, which is a little over an hour away from Austin, there is a ranch that holds the grounds capable to host such an event. We are looking forward to more information and better pictures about Reveille Peak Ranch but from what their website says, the ranch is used for mountain biking and has a shooting range.

Tickets go on sale very soon, this Thursday (6/18) at 10am CT and the package deals are amazing! You can choose various options of camping, glamping, RV, and even hotel packages! Considering this is a 4 day festival during an epic occasion like this, the prices are not bad. Check out their flyer below for an idea of the prices they will be starting with!

The lineup is not out yet and honestly, we have a feeling it won’t be out for a good couple of months. This festival is about the lineup. It’s about the experience and from all of the organizers who are helping out with this festival, it is sure to be a one of a kind lineup. So much culture from around the world tagged along side with one of the hottest concert and festival producers in the nation, Disco Donnie… we just can’t even put together what kind of jaw dropping lineup of artists this will bring. Get ready for one of the most unique gatherings in our lifetime and snag tickets when they become available! They might go in tiers and have weeks of no ticket buying in between (if they do it the same as what they did for Global Eclipse 2017.)

We did unofficial media at the last gathering, check out our coverage of the event below!

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