Baked Prophecy Tour – The Black Box

Surprise The Black Box is kicking off the new year with a bang and as usual this is one show you probably shouldn’t miss. Remember earlier in 2018 when Eazybaked turned this venue upside down and brought us all into an alternate reality for a couple of hours? Well the duo is back on January 10th and […]

8 Decadence Artists That You NEED To Groove To

Decadence is quickly approaching their massive 8th annual event and somehow year in and year out they continue to bring in a bigger and better lineup than the previous.  To honor America’s biggest NYE Dance Celebration we have put together a list of top 8 artists that you need to GROOVE to at Decadence. From […]

‘Make Me Light’ by Krushendo will Spark Your Soul w/ Joy

Colorado local artist and brilliant music producer, Krushendo is making headlines with his latest release, ‘Make me Light’ featuring the angelic vocals from Tara Trufino. Inspired by metal and rock music but layered with aspects from modern electronic music production design, Krushendo has an oddly unique sound that combines the heavier drums with harmonious beats for […]

Decadence Artist Spotlight: Anti Up

Anti-Up Denver Debut for our New Year Celebration at  Decadence  Denver will be ending the year with one hell of a bang with America’s biggest NYE Dance Celebration taking place at the Colorado Convention Center for the 8th Annual Decadence from December 30th and 31st! Decadence, put on by Global Dance as usual, is stacked […]