Hey beautiful people, my name is Dom Ragusa. I started up this website with my friends from Full Sail, and we all have a strong motivation to further improve the electronic live music scene, (or any live music / productions in studios) and by beginning that road we have created this website to cover music festivals local to us now or back home.

I am from Colorado and have lived there for 15 years. For the longest time I went to metal shows only, starting off with Slipknot for my first concert. And fortunately Tool for my second show back in the state I was born in at Arizona. After that I stuck to good headlining shows, Mayhem fest, and Warped Tour. I have seen almost every metal band that I like, and at that peak, I made the transition to Electronic shows with my first electronic show being Zedd, Excision, and Deadmau5 at Red Rocks 2011. After that I just went down a whirlpool of amazing electronic dance music concerts, seeing Showtek (when they played hardstyle ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), Zedds Dead, Mimosa,
Then I saw ~Grizmatik, Big G, Pretty Lights, STS9, (and more for my first time at snowball 2013, which was fucking epic and I cant wait for Snowball to go back to the mountains! ๐Ÿ™‚ , I have to say that the electronic shows that I attended while in Colorado were magnificent and I loved every single one of them (although there was some shitty trap for a while… and still is meow n then, like lets grow out of the mainstream trap shit.. cmon) But now while in Florida, I have attended amazing concerts, starting with Safe in Sound Orlando, Where I got to take media coverage for a website back home in Colorado, I got to interview Adventure Club (which will be uploaded eventually) and got to take pictures of Destriod and Flux Pavilion. After that amazing experience with my roommates I sealed my friendships with Terv (Invader Zim @ Suwannee 2014) and Matt (Master Lowell) We are apart of a ‘squirt squad’ that formed at Electric Forest 2015. Since then its been a crazy roller coaster.
Having doing official Media coverage at Euphoria 16 & 17, Sonic Bloom Infrasound, Decadence, Gem and Jam and have many more planned for 2017.. We are making moves!

My website got hit with a virus so please excused the articles without media… I have lost all of my media and am working to get everything back.

Basically, I love the music and will always be involved with it, Stay tuned with this website because we will keep you updated with the best of the best. ๐Ÿ˜€
Thank you for checking my bio out!
Make sure to check out the gallery for personal videos and pictures of festivals and events that I have attended.
Much love

Huge shout out to Kannibalen Records Family for the endless opportunities!

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