THIS SATURDAY G-Space Comes to Boulder House w/ Bare (put on by Angry Neighbor)

G-Space is coming to Boulder to perform at Boulder House, for his debut, this Saturday, March 4th 2017! Angry Neighbor, a new up and coming organization in Boulder, is booking the freshest of shows and has started an artist collective with tons of collaborations and ‘one of a kind’ performances! Tagging along with G-Space at this show is; Patches O’Malley, Niraya, and headliner Bare. All these artists are extremely bass heavy and have their own style of music production that will offer a night full of unique bass heavy music. Check out the artists that are playing below for some more information on them and a song from them that we really dig!

Patches O’Malley – Coming from Michigan with love and bass. Patches O’Malley is coming into the scene hot with some nasty beats. He is fresh in the scene but has been turning heads fast! He has remixed Toadface and G-Space and is in the works of collaborating with G-Space soon. Patches O’Malley has recently released his first EP Patch 2 th3 Futr4 and it is insanely good! Check it out at this link here – Patch 2 th3 Futr4

G-Space – Our friend from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Grady (G-Space) will be coming to Boulder to showcase some filthy music and his talent in both being a musician and a tricker. A tricker is someone who doing tricks/ moves on ground without ropes or a trampoline. Incorporating this unique stage presence on-top of using several instruments in his live sets and having brilliant music production, G-Space has found the perfect way to get his name recognized across the scene and industry. Check out more about G-Space in our exclusive interview with him! G-Space Interview Link

G-Space Soundcloud Link
G-Space Facebook Link

Niraya – Colorado Local, Niraya, has been producing music under his name for a little over 8 years. He has gotten a fair share of expertise from constantly pursuing his music production. He has a recent EP that he released named “Psychosis.” Check out Psychosis here! Niraya has recently gotten booked for The Untz festival in California and will be making his debut performance in California!

Niraya Soundcloud Link

Niraya Facebook Link

Bare – Headliner of the show this Saturday and creator of Barestep, Bare will be gracing us with some of the wronchiest and gnarliest dubstep and bass music to be heard in the scene. Having released music on Buygore, Doom, and Subhuman, Bare has created a wide range of bass music and has shown it to hundred of thousands of people. Playing at several major festivals throughout the year, for several years now, Bare has found his distinct sound in music production and has created major name for himself. He will be taking us on one hell of a bass-journey and will be the perfect way to close out the show this Saturday.

Bare Soundcloud Link

Bare Facebook Link


This show is coming up fast as it is this Saturday! Angry Neighbor is up and coming and yet already booking some of the DANKEST shows in Colorado. They just had Beak Nasty and Cofresi and will have Thirftworks perform March 24th. Follow Angry Neighbor as they will be providing some of the best shows in Colorado, with up and coming acts, local favorites, and artists who have a major following!

Angry Neighbor Facebook Link


Bare w/ Niraya, G-Space, and Patches O’Malley Boulder 3/4


Jealous of this show? Well don’t worry, the following weekend, March 11th in Detroit, Space Jam will take over Club Fantasy as it has this exact same lineup only with Jayceeoh and other locals in addition to the lineup. Get tickets here!

Space Jam Tickets Detroit


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