The Electronic Chronicles (Exclusive Mix Series)

Welcome to our exclusive mix series – The Electronic Chronicles

Here you will find some of the dankest music in the scene from extremely talented producers who have put together a mix, packed full of original music along with heaters that get people moving! Check out our new feature and enjoy the fresh dank beats!

Episode 14 – Nyame

Nyame Facebook

Nyame Soundcloud

Episode 13 – Parlay

Parlay Facebook

Parlay Soundcloud

Episode 12 – Rafau Etamski

Rafau Etamski Facebook

Rafau Etamski Soundcloud

Episode 11 – Spirit Motel

Spirit Motel Facebook

Spirit Motel Soundcloud

Episode 10 – RJ Maxwell *Halloween Edition*

RJ Maxwell Soundcloud

Episode Nine – Droptalk

Droptalk Facebook

Droptalk Soundcloud

Episode Eight – CRoW b2b J.Stella

CRoW Facebook

CRoW Soundcloud

J.Stella Facebook

J.Stella Soundcloud

Episode Seven – Krushendo

Krushendo Facebook

Krushendo Soundcloud

Episode Six – Young 13iZZ

Episode Five – FT. I am Sid

Our first international artist, coming from Italy, I am Sid is breaking grounds with the dark electro sound.

I am Sid Facebook

I am Sid Soundcloud

Episode Four – FT. Mystic Grizzly

Mystic Grizzly Facebook

Mystic Grizzly Soundcloud

Episode Three – FT. G-Space

G-Space Facebook

G-Space Soundcloud

Episode Two – FT. Calvin Hobbes

Calvin Hobbes Facebook

Calvin Hobbes Soundcloud

Episode One – FT. Odd Zoo

Odd Zoo Facebook

Odd Zoo SoundCloud