The Road to Sonic Bloom: TCE Interview w/ TVBOO

Now, just only mere days away, Sonic Bloom in Colorado is looking towards a beautiful weekend with the creek running nice and full, a lineup packed full diverse and mind-blowing music, and another year of BLOOMIN’ Vibes! They put out set times which can be seen at the bottom of this article but first, our last stretch of “The Road to Sonic Bloom.” Rocketing to the top of the EDM scene, the Mississippi-born dubstep producer, podcaster, and comedian TVBOO (Mitch Draper) is going in deep at the Unified Field with two performances. Through his widely known bass music, which at Sonic Bloom on the Meadow stage is sure to be deep and filthy and with a recently announced Mitch & Friends Comedy Hour (with Austin Langley & Tommy O’Nell), which is sure to be, in a way, even ‘deeper and filthier.’ We got the most excellent opportunity to hit TVBOO up with some questions and go into detail about who he is and what he has to offer. Check out more with our exclusive Chronic Interview below!

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  1. Let’s start by saying a TVBOO set is a flurry of raw energy presented with well-crafted deep basslines and rambunctious vocal samples. It screams “Party! Party! Party!” in a let-yourself-lose kind of way, with the legend himself often stripping down to American flag boxers and guzzling PBRs in front of the crowd. With an energy so infectious, TVBOO can give yourself an introduction? From your persona, cover art, eventual PBR sponsorship, and musical identity. In your words, who the heck is TVBOO?
    To me, TVBOO is that wild person you knew growing up. Someone who is always down for a good time. TVBOO is the side chick in the relationship. I’m not someone you take home to introduce to your parents. I’m the guy you need to away to get dirty and have a good time.

  2. You’re known for your disgusting breakdowns and drops. From the wompy fan-favorite “Wook Worm ” which has made the rounds through the scene, to the nostalgic plummeting grime of “Goku” and more. You have a hell of an ear for bass. Did this come from your background as a drummer? Did you have a plan or music direction in mind when you first started your TVBOO project?
    I 100% think that my drumming background helped with my music production. I had no idea what I was gonna make when I started but luckily I had a background in music so I at least had a good starting point.

  3. You’re a man with his hand in many pies (*ahem*). You’re not only a successful bass artist and producer, but also a comedian and podcaster as well. Your show, TVLKS with TVBOO, has seen you talking with the figureheads and titans of the EDM scene such as Boogie T, GRiZ, Subtronics, MUST DIE!, Liquid Stranger, and far too many other amazing artists to name. How do you balance your time between each of your professions and interests? And do you find that doing one activity helps you do the others? Or does it become hard to focus at times?
    The balance isn’t as hard as everything thinks but that’s because I love doing it. If you love doing something you will make time for it. Luckily it’s impossible to work on music 24/7 so the podcast and comedy are the best breaks from music I could ask for. I feel like I have a good schedule so I can do all the things I enjoy doing. Sure there’s sometimes where I gotta stop working on music to go edit a podcast or go to a comedy club but everytime I do that I feel more refreshed going back into the studio because I just did something really fun.


  4. TVBOO TVLKS w/ Wakaan’s Head honcho – Liquid Stranger

    Going off about the podcast more, how do you choose your roster of interviews? From big name artists to small and up & coming names, do you reach out or do they?
    In the beginning it was me just reaching out and hoping they’d wanna come on. Now it’s still mostly like that but the show is a bit more established and is something artists know about so I get reached out to every now and then. It’s gotten a little easier getting guests but I still get turned down weekly.


  5. You’ve taken some time to do song collabs with more than a few artists. “I Gotta Feeling w/SoDown” and “MaryWana w/ bawldy feat. Boogie T” are a couple instant classics that every listener should seek out. Out of the numerous collabs you’ve done so far, who’s been the most electric artist to work with? One that you have an incredible energy with during the creative process? And if you could work with anyone new in the industry, who would you choose to work with next?
    Honestly that collaboration with SoDown had a super fun process. I think out of all the collabs that one really showcases two artists sounds the best. It started with me with a guitar and him with a sax and birthed into this incredible. And as far as who in dance music I really wanna work with, it’s happening right now so keep your eyes peeled for that 😉

  6. We heard that you are roommates with Space Wizard. How does the chemistry between you two flow in the creative workspace? (We love the new collab between you two!)
    We actually don’t live together anymore but that collab came about because I was working on something and came in the room and said it sounded sick. I didn’t think so and said I was gonna delete it and he talked me out of it and pulled up a chair and we finished it together. If it wasn’t for him that song would’ve been deleted.


  7. When was the first you heard of Sonic Bloom? What is something about the festival that caught your attention?
     I heard about it when I moved to CO last year. I heard it’s a giant homie fest and they do a great job booking the “undercard” on the festival so I’m excited to check it out.

  8. Sonic Bloom is one of the most collaborative and creative festivals out there. Live painting is one of the mediums you see spread throughout the grounds. If you were to commission a festival ‘Wook’ style portrait of yourself, how would you want it to be brought to life? Watercolor? Spray paint? Artist’s choice? What action or pose would you be doing, if any?
    I’d want it to be state fair style with my head really big. Something as silly as possible.

  9. The Comedy Hour you’re bringing to Sonic Bloom this year is sure to stir up the flavor of the Unified Field. Accompanying you are a few friends and comedians. Can you give us the low-down of who will be joining the set? And what we can expect from the whole shebang?
    The comedy set is exactly what it says it is. Pure standup comedy. It’s gonna be raw, reckless, and tons of fun. So I’m bringing some folks that I think will do a great job giving people real standup. Austin is the host and operator on Denver’s Roast Battles and he does incredible crowd work so I’m excited for him to roast the fuck out some wooks. Tommy has just wild energy. He reminds me of a young Bill Burr and I can’t wait for him to snap on stage. It’s gonna be a blast.


  10. Colorado camping is said to be very different than Mississippi camping. Being Colorado local, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect for weather conditions at Bloom being; a high chance of gnarly wind gusts scattered throughout the weekend along with the chance of rain. (Colorado is now in El Niño which has high precipitation & Bloom has seen some epic storms in the past. So bring your tent stakes and ponchos, y’all.) But I want to know more about Mississippi. Any tips to prepare a campsite down there? What wildlife would be something to look out for?
    Camping in the south ain’t for the weak. It’s gonna be hot, humid, and TONS of mosquitos.

  11. Festival food plays a huge role when attending. Do you have a favorite food truck food or do you prefer to cook back at camp? In Mississippi, what’s the food of choice when camping down in ‘dem woods? And is there anything that smacks differently when drinking PBR?
    When I’d go camping back home we’d catch our food. So whether that’s hunting or fishing, that’s usually how we ate. I don’t trust a lot of food trucks so I’ll usually just get some pizza cuz it’s hard to mess that up.

  12. Last question, so we’ll make it a fun one. If you could do an extreme sport like Paragliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, bull riding, etc. for the first time, what would you do? Do you have a good idea of where you would like to do that activity?
     I wanna go skydiving. IDGAF where I’m at I just wanna do it.


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Interview put together by Chase Sexton & Dom Ragusa.