Jarrod Nieves



What’s up ya’ll!

My name is Jarrod Nieves and want to start by saying thank you for checking out and supporting TCE! We all love making content for you here and truly appreciate every single one of you. So, a little bit about me I guess since this is a bio. I am from the dirty south born and raised in Birmingham, AL. Growing up in Birmingham has made me who I am today. Birmingham offers a very diverse environment to grow up in. Nicknamed “Portland of the South”, Birmingham is really interesting as it is really the only progressive city in the state of Alabama. Old southern tradition meets with forward-thinking young minds to create a melting pot of discussion and innovation. This has created a very unique and interesting scene for EDM in the South. So, I guess that is how I really found my music taste was from growing up in Birmingham.

While my family doesn’t really have much of a background in music but since I was a kid I have been absolutely enraptured by the love of music. My first album ever, American Idiot by Green Day, was given to me by an older cousin when I was in 1st grade. My parents being Catholic immediately snatched it right up when they found out haha. After telling my cousin, he burned me a copy without a label so I could be sneaky when giving it a listen. This is probably where my rebellious attitude started haha. From then on I have always gravitated towards more aggressive heavy music. Through elementary school, my favorite bands were the likes of System of a Down, Tool, Modest Mouse, Slipknot, etc. I will never forget having to hide it all from my religious family as they obviously at the time did not understand the music I was listening to. Once I hit middle school I began to find EDM and hip hop/rap music. I was browsing the internet and came across a dubstep playlist and was extremely curious what exactly dubstep was. On it were some classics like Timestretch by Bassnectar and Midnight Request Line by Skream. Being someone who was just getting into heavy bass hip hop the dubstep sound absolutely pulled me in. I was addicted and a small group of my friends would spend hours sharing different heavy bass music we would find.

As I got to be about 15 I began going to shows, doing my best to bribe bouncers to let me in. My music taste typically falls more into deep heavy low-end, stemming from my hip hop and childhood music taste. Since then I have been all about the electronic music industry. I am currently studying at the University of North Alabama to obtain my degree in Entertainment Industry with a focus on Music Business and Audio Engineering. I hope to one day be a jack of all trades when it comes to working in the music industry. This drive is what has brought me to write for The Chronic Electronic and I have been very happy with the experience and knowledge I have gained from writing! Anyways, that is sort of my story and hope ya’ll continue to enjoy our coverage at TCE.


Much Love!