Backwoods Music Festival Announces Location Change to Mulberry Mountain

Backwoods Music Festival had came across a problem after their 2016 event. The location that they had chosen for the past two years at Tatanka Ranch had declined them for future events because the ranch did not have the staff to host a event that large and they believed that this festival was not in their best interest. Check image to the right for official quote from a Manager at Tatanka Ranch.

So after months of figuring out where their new home would be, they have released the information for the 4th year of Backwoods. They are changing locations to Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas, which was the home of infamous Wakarusa, Highberry, and other events on mountain! In addition to the change of location they have changed the date to accommodate for adequate weather for the event. Backwoods Music Festival at Mulberry Mountain will happen April 20-23 2018. So while we have a long wait ahead of us until the next Backwoods happens, it gives the production time to plan for the best Backwoods yet. Mulberry Mountain has tons of space for activities and has an amazing on site crew that have put together some of the best festivals in the nation. All the events put on at Mulberry is always set up with ease and has a crew that is respectable, honorable, and are determined to put on some of the most unique festivals filled with love and passion.

Backwoods had an amazing home at Tatanka Ranch, but change has come and its for the better. This location at Mulberry Mountain is bigger and is out in the middle of no-where. They have less neighbors compared to their previous location in Oklahoma. With Backwoods having 7 stages last year, they will fill the grounds properly in Arkansas. Don’t miss out on this highly anticipated event and stay up to date through our page or their Facebook!
Also check out our gallery of the 2016 Backwoods at the link below and check out an official message from Executive producer, Will Royal and a clip from Backwoods! Let the memories flow back!!

Backwoods 2016 Gallery


Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain Facebook Link


Backwoods Music Festival Website Link


Author: Dom Ragusa

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