Gem and Jam

Here you can find our Chronic coverage of this impressively beautiful festival including our OFFICIAL Coverage of this years 2018 along with the previous year  with a gallery, preview articles, and soon to be review article! Check further down the page for our exclusive media with Govinda from the year prior!

Review Article:

The Law of Attraction in Full Effect at Gem and Jam Festival 2018 {Event Review w/ Photo & Video}


2018 Gallery 

Dom Ragusa Gallery 1st – Bradford Watkins Below.

2018 Gallery By Bradford


2017 Gallery




11 Artists That Will Rock The Grounds of the 11th Annual Gem and Jam Festival

Gem and Jam Artist Spotlight: Dimond Saints

Gem and Jam Artist Spotlight: The Floozies

“The More You Know” – Interview With Josh Pollack, Co-Producer for Gem and Jam Festival


Part of the video links are up