Beyond the Music at Imagine Music Festival

Beyond the music, Imagine Festival is an opportunity to explore and realize possibilities from your Imagination. In keeping with that, Imagine Music Festival is providing access to moments worth checking out. On top of this, it’s providing a place where entrepreneurs, small businesses, and craftspeople can showcase their wares in an environment of individuals who […]

Imagine Festival Lineup Analysis Pt. 2

Continuing on our analysis of Imagine Festival’s Lineup and possible suggestions for maximizing your happiness, this will be a breakdown of Sunday’s acts and the various situations where many of us will be understandably conflicted. Sunday Conflict 1: Herobust, Moon Hooch, and Spundose Herobust rises to the stage at 4:55 at the Oceania stage, Moon […]

Imagine Festival Lineup Analysis Pt. 1

Like all excited festival goers (myself included), you’ve likely been awaiting the finalized schedule of set times and stage locations for each performance of Imagine. You’ve also likely studied it extensively, trying to figure out how many of your favorite acts you’ll be able to get to for each day, and in what order. Lastly, […]