Groove Cruise

Welcome to our page for Groove Cruise! We had an amazing experience last year when we went from LA to Mexico and this year when we went from San Diego to “Cabo”.  Check out our galleries from the previous Groove Cruises below! WhetTravel knows how to party! Promotion Articles at bottom of the page and review below!

Groove Cruise 18 from San Diego to ‘Cabo’

#Flashback to our Favorite Moments of Groove Cruising from San Diego to “Cabo”

Groove Cruise ’18 San Diego to Cabo Photo Gallery


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Exclusive Interview with Groove Cruise Founder Jason Beukema

You Will Not Want to go on a Normal Cruise After Attending ‘Groove Cruise’: An Instant Addiction – LA to Mexico 2017 Review


Videos From LA to Mex

Groove Cruise LA to Mexico 2017