10 Must See Artist’s at Decadence 2015

  Decadence in Denver, Colorado holds the Largest New Year’s Dance Celebration in America, and with this being their 5th annual Decadence NYE it is one of the heaviest, fattest, and best line ups ever put up. They once had this amazing event as a one day extravaganza, but in 2013 they grew to a […]

Bassnectar is Making All Kinds of Headlines

Bassnectar has been featured on every major media website for the past couple weeks with updates of festival announcements, including his own Bassnectar Music Festival, and chocolates that have a golden ticket possibility to his festival. On top of that it is getting close to the end of the year, where he plays two of […]

Wakarusa Forced to Take a Year Off in 2016

One of the most; well produced, organized, friendly festival’s that I have ever experienced took place on Mulberry Mountain, in Arkansas, named Wakarusa. This extremely diverse and music filled festival held one of the fattest line ups in the year 2015, and on top of that they backed up the amazing music experience with a […]