Global Eclipse Gathering is Giving Us a Taste of Their Spectacular Lineup by Announcing 4/7 Stages Full of Artists

Global Eclipse Gathering is on route to announcing the full line up by releasing 4 of the 7 stages that are full of world renowned artists, musicians, producers, and DJ’s. With 13 Collaborators from around the world (pictured above, Beloved Festival and Science and Non-Duality not listed on image,) you can only expect the best of the best music and that is exactly what they are doing. With four stages so far announced, Earth, Sun, Moon, and Sky, each of which is curated to a specific electronic vibe, Global Eclipse Gathering is in the works to having 300+ artist slots booked for this 7 day long extravaganza! Follow them closely as they will be announcing the rest of the lineup before they put the next tier of tickets on sale!

DO NOT MISS OUT on one of the most original, unique, and culture influenced festivals in the history of North America. Take a look at the four stages that they have announced so far!



Each artist is carefully hand selected from all of the festivals that are collaborating on this gathering. Each festival has some short of influence on the stages announced so far and no matter what kind of electronic music you like, there will be a little bit of everything for everyone. With four stages announced so far, there is already so much diversity in the music that they have booked. Although with three more stages yet to be announced, the room for more diversity in music grows. Keep a close eye as they will be releasing the stages until late February which is when the tickets will go on sale again.

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