Sonic Bloom ’22 Artist Spotlight: Templo

One of the most engaging and rhythmic bass artists to grace Sonic Bloom this year is the experimental flow-ninja Templo. He’s a tuned master of his craft who gets the crowd schwifty, often using melodic bars to drive his unique bass creations straight into that part of your brain where you want to both wobble […]

Sonic Bloom ‘22 Artist Spotlight: Shlump

Over the past several years, there has been a wave of artists blowing up in the bass music scene with weird and wonky variations of music production making their sound very ‘Space Bass’ like. One of the biggest artists leading this soundscape of alien sounds is none other than Shlump. Before we get into this […]

Global Dance Festival is Bringing in a Phat ‘22 Lineup!

Global Dance Festival is coming back after another popping year with a freaking gorgeous 2022 lineup! This year is full of diverse and sought out artists such as Above & Beyond, AC Slater, Adventure Club, Champagne Drip, Excision, Mize, Wooli, Subdocta, Liquid Stranger and so much more! Hosted on the parking lot at Empower Field, […]