Greetings Aliens!

My name is Matthew Lowell.

Thank you for clicking around on The Chronic Electronic because now you get to read about me in a completely scattered and unorganized manner.

Where to start…What, is the question? How did I end up here? Well let’s see…

       I have been around live music all my life, musicians in my family kept things interesting. I began my adventures into the electronic as a wee little lad. My buddy jacked his brothers brick tune player and we listened to trance on the bus rides to and from school. Then we found the breakbeat trip hop style stuff and it was game over. It never occurred to me however that it would become a serious passion of mine. I have been writing for years, I hated public school although my favorite subject to say I hated, was english, I always did well in English. Anyways I always thought I had to do things the way they preached to us in school and when I tried, I failed, and I thought I was fucked. I didn’t do a thing but work shit jobs for five years. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore a few years later, I graduated from a tech university. I was now in a field I was extremely passionate about, so I never really felt like I was ‘working’. When you know, you know.

Life is weird (but sooo awesome like 99% of the time), and I find the majority of people in a regular routined society to be weird. Not that they are bad people, but they just all seem stuck, unable to break their box. I just try to do the things that make me happy, that never really make me feel like I’m “working” to survive or that I’m ever really even trying to survive. I’m just living. I’m not rich monetarily by any means but I can say I have had more adventurous experiences in my short 24 years then my whole family combined. My desire to meet everyone ever doesn’t let me stop.

Today I am happy, still weird as all hell and cannot get enough of the experience that is traveling all over for [all types of] electronic music and meeting people just like you on their journey to where ever they want to be. I have seen so many instances of good, random acts of kindness, and simple humanity in my travels. The joy found at most electronic events, big or small, is overwhelming and the sense of community is what drives me. That is why we want to have a place to share all these memories created as one!

That community is what has kept me coming back all this time.

     Well, that…and psychedelic bass music.

         Speaking of random facts of my existence, I also create things! I have had the pleasure of playing out my creations in many places this past year. Click around below if you want to check out some odd tunes. I don’t know how I ended up on Odd Zoo stuff or if this entire write up event can be considered a bio, but hey, thanks for reading my random thoughts!


Instagram: @odd.zoomusic


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