Envision Releases Art, Workshops, and Music Schedule

Photo Credit: Eric Allen and Envision

Envision Festival has recently released their much anticipated Music, Arts, and Workshops schedule for their 7th annual year! Their 4 day weekend extravaganza is full of movement and conscious workshops; live painting, dancing, and creativity throughout the grounds and workshops, and of course music which is featured on 4 different stages! Check out their amazing time slots below and start planning your weekend getaway at Envision!


Envision Festival is held at breath taking, Uvita, Costa Rica. They have promoted their festival on the well being of the earth and of ourselves by being eco friendly, and promoting eco-friendly initiatives. By being a “Green” festival and a ‘leave no trace behind’ festival, they have become renowned across the world for one of the healthiest and eco conscious festivals on the planet. With this glorious reputation they have booked some of the best instructors/ teachers and musicians / producers to perform and enlighten at Envision. Take a close look at the schedule above to plan your weekend and if you want more insight on this festival check out our top 7 must see artists and a check list of items to bring to envision. Ticket links are also below!


Artist Lineup and Check List for Envision Festival 2017

Top 7 Must See Artists at Envision Festival

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