Tipper & Friends 2019 Strengthens The Minds and Souls Of Our Community [EVENT REVIEW]

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Tipper and Friends make its return to Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Florida 4/19-4/21, 2019 to celebrate our mind-expanding holidays. Tipper’s team has found a way to highlight the essence of these holidays perfectly. These events have gained the reputation of being a life-enhancing experience of community and headway. Taking a break in 2018 people have been awaiting another chance to be one with the beautiful Suwannee Music Park again.

Friday morning was an interesting one for arriving at a festival. A strong storm swept through the park reminding us of Nature’s powerful beauty. While intense, nothing that could mess up the amazing weekend ahead. After everyone braced the storm, the excitement rose for the music to begin. Friday’s line up included Yankel, Malakai, Bwoy de Bhajan, Dancesafe Forum, Supertask, Globular, Woulg, Rob Clouth, and Tipper. Tipper events are known for being able to create unique energies for each day. Experimentation and innovation was clearly the vision that Dave Tipper had for Friday night. With each artist bringing their own fresh sound that separated themselves from others. We believe it was no coincidence that the experimental day coincided with Bicycle Day, let’s just say the psychedelic energy was in the air. It was also nice to see Dancesafe take time to educate everyone on safety when enjoying themselves at events, but also discussing the problems our country has with The War on Drugs. This level of advancement in communication on our issues is what these events are all about and what we need to put a focus on. To close the festivities for Friday night Tipper played a Journey set that flexed his broad spectrum of incredible talent across many tempos. These Journey sets truly are an amazing way to explore many headspaces in just an hour. After mainstage closed, we were able to maneuver Spirit of Suwannee Music Park to find hidden in the woods Manifest Gang’s renegade stage. This is beautiful to see at these such festivals as it gives growing artists a chance to play in front of a very progressive open-minded crowd. Mystic Grizzly, Omnist., and Hyperbolic Headspace played for the night seizing their opportunity to spread their sounds to the Tipper community. Our favorite late night set was of course Omnist. We have said it once and will say it again keep an eye on this guy, he has a very creative head on his shoulders and is going to blow up here soon.




Saturday brings in many’s favorite day of the year, 4/20! Saturday’s lineup features Tipper Hammock Session pt. 1, Chris Karns, Sortof Vague, Deft, and Slug Wife Takeover ft. KLO, Seppa, Reso, and Kursa. Tipper breaks the rules once again opening his own festival starting his set right on the dot at 4:20pm. As the beats start flowing we see a familiar smelly haze wash over the crowd. With low red eyes and heads nodding you couldn’t help but love seeing just smiles and giggles all around. This was a more DJ style Tipper set, much like NOLA night one for those that were there. Not uptempo, not downtempo, but just straight slapping beats. This style transferred perfectly into the legendary DJ Chris Karns’ set. Sortof Vague also played a masterfully done set. The vibe for the day matched the smokey festivities perfectly. After the dinner break, Deft and Slug Wife brought new energy for the night heathens. With a much heavier vibe, these boys brought the ruckus Saturday night. If you wanted to see what the massive Funktion One System was capable of this was the night for you. After Slugwife closed out the mainstage we headed back over to the Manifest Gang stage to catch many of our favorites. The lineup for the night included Keota, Integrate (VCTRE & Black Carl!), and Mindwalker. As we have presented before we believe that the Integrate boys are the next biggest thing in underground bass music. They absolutely murdered their set and the energy between the two of them is unmatched. Keota and Mindwalker also played nothing short of spectacular sets. Overall, a very good night that the Manifest Gang curated.






Sunday brings in the final day of our adventure with the Tipper and Friends community. Sunday featured Tipper Hammock Sessions pt. 2, Adrian Portia, EVAC, and Ott. Tipper opened the day up with a similar style to his 4/20 set but with a more downtempo feel. This was a beautiful way to put the stamp on his message through music for the weekend. The rest of the day featured beautiful sets from everyone. Our personal favorite was Ott.’s closing set. Ott. is another artist that is able to create an environment like no other. This is what Tipper events are all about and we are sure to be seeing more from Ott. and Tipper working together. Unfortunately, our bodies were unable to handle anymore (getting old haha) and did not catch the Manifest Gang stage for the night. But, heard through word of mouth that DeathMomenT, Fowl Play b2b BoHemian, Sunken Frequencies,Slaycub, Invader Zlim, and SYLR gave the people a good closing out of the night. All playing original sets this was their time to share their music and vision with many.

Dave Tipper was able to fully curate an event that was much more than just music, but an entire weekend driven on collecting and appreciating a mindset. This is what absolutely separates Dave Tipper form the rest. Tipper and Friends in Suwannee will forever go down in history for electronic music. We want to give a big thank you to every one of Tipper’s staff, Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, Funktion One Sound Systems, Manifest Gang, and No Pulp Entertainment for making this experience possible!

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  1. Hey y’all, thanks for the kind words towards Manifest Gang <3 Just suggesting a small edit; it was SYLR that played Sunday night and not Mystic Grizzly (I understand you weren't there so it's okay that you didn't know). Also there were sets from DeathMomenT, Fowl Play b2b BoHemian, and Sunken Frequencies, and everyone that night played all-original sets.
    Source: I play music as Slaycub & had a hand in operating the renegade stage.

    Appreciate the inclusion in your article! I enjoyed reading that & watching the footage.

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