Villa Denver Coming to the Nightlife of the Mile High THIS SPRING

Denver is one of the leading big cities in the United States that is consistently breaking new grounds on innovative venues and top of the line food. Now, on the horizon for the Mile High is a fresh idea that combines both culinary excellence and modern music from “jazz and funk style musicians, Denver music collectives, and live DJs.” Villa Denver, will be on its way to the 5280 in Spring of this year and they are aiming to make a huge impact in the Denver nightlife scene. This beautiful city is a huge market for both live music and food and Villa Denver aims to hit both of those aspects and fuse them together like never before. The founder behind this idea, Johnny Christmas, has an very experienced team of Co-founders with him being; Andy Mora & Brandon Jundt, that together comes to over 20 years of expertise within elite food, beverage, and concert concepts for Denver’s nightlife! Johnny had this to say to give a brief idea of what Villa Denver embodies:

“At Villa Denver, we promise an immersive experience where every patron is a cherished guest. The bottom line is this: people pay good money to go out and they deserve better than the typical sparkler waving routine. Villa is committed to excellence in every aspect of the guest experience”

In addition to the three cofounders, the chef they are bringing in has quite the resume that will be surely bring in some exquisite food and experiences. Chef Toby Prout will be taking Villa Denver through a radical and magical journey for your tastebuds. His style is one that will match the unique-ness from the venue in which he blends Latin American flavors with a modern eclectic twist. The menu is designed to be “shared and updated seasonally with locally sourced ingredients. The tasting menu will be coordinated to allow guests to pair tapas with craft cocktails for unique experiences.”

Now with this project still being a work in progress and with only so much information and content that had been released, we can only go so deep. So take a glimpse at the rendered pictures of what is soon to be below. This beautiful venue looks to be alive with lush plants scattered throughout the Spanish themed building. The set of stairs seems to offer an extra floor for seating and potentially an extended music space. There seems to be lengthy and healthy bars around the venue and so catering to drinks should be an ease.

Stayed tuned in with us and follow Villa Denver’s socials for further developments and information on the opening of this tranquil venue! Follow them below:

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