Black Tiger Sex Machine ‘Portals Tour’ Kicked Off at Ultra Music Festival w/ Select Cities Left to Catch ’em

One of our favorite artists in the scene that can magically blend through multiple genres throughout a performance with chaotic beats and epic production has just kicked off their tour ‘Portals’ at one of the biggest festivals in the United States, Ultra Music Festival. None other than, Black Tiger Sex Machine, temporarily touring as a duo, BTSM started ‘Portals’ off with a high-octane energy festival set! Quite the perfect setting to let loose on the production and let the debut really take awe with thousands to witness. Take a quick glimpse of their tease of ‘Portals’ from Ultra below.

The majority of the cities left on the tour are planned to have Kai Wachi as direct support with the exception of San Jose and Morrison for Red Rocks. Both of these performances will be some of the highlight stops to see on the tour because on the second night in San Jose they debut Black Tiger Skull Machine which is BTSM b2b Kai Wachi. For Red Rocks they also have some tricks stowed away as Marc, the 3rd tiger, plans to come back for his only performance of the year. Be sure to still be on the look out for performances to come from BTSM, such as their much anticipated Shambhala performance at the Village Stage!

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