NEW MUSIC: Debut Single & Show Announcement from Dark Dubstep Artist: Labrynth

Coming from the depths of the underground bass scene in Denver, Labrynth has finally opened up and dropped a certified chronic banger straight outta the gates. Self released, “Selekta” is his first release and it is quite the deep and dark journey of a wicked soundscape of heavy bass and ominous samples. The song in a way is reflective of what an actual labyrinth is, being “a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way… a maze.” In the short amount of time of 2 minute and 30 seconds the song truly encompasses a lot for the brain to process, with insane bass that rattles speakers of any type, to quirky and grasping sounds that lure you in for more. Before you know it, you’re left mind-wandering, craving more, and for now the only ‘more’ that we can get is just getting lost during Labrynth’s debut performance.

Heavyweight bass artist, Mersiv is extending his time in Colorado due to popular demand of his Red Rocks show and is hosting quite the night at one of Denvers top venues. The Mission Ballroom is set to bring in Mersiv and friends with Labrynth kicking off the party and what a way to kick it off than to debut. We are sure that this single Selekta will be played but what other ID’s and hidden gems will be played to go along with the debut…we have no idea but we do know that he is sitting on some certified chronic beats and we cant wait to hear him flex it in such a prime environment for live music. Check out the flyer for the show below and snag tickets on pre-sale to ensure a ticket before they sell out! Pre-sale begins Thursday at 10 MTS with precode: SPIRAL. Be sure to follow Labrynth for up to date info and releases!


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