Our Favorite Moments From Pardon My French at Red Rocks 2019

Pardon my French Tour at Red Rocks this year was absolutely off the walls bonkers! They brought in Mercer, Tchami, Malaa, and DJ Snake, who are all French Artists, and who all went b2b2b2b at the end of the show. It was speculated for a couple years while Malaa was on the rise, that either Mercer, Tchami, or DJ Snake was the masked deep house madman, Malaa. Having all of those artists do a b2b at the end of the night clearly showed that Malaa is none of those other french artists and will remain an anonymous French figure for the years to come. Check out some of our favorite moments with these video clips from their take over at Red Rocks.

Tchami b2b Malaa

DJ Snake Opening

The insane b2b2b2b w/ Tchami, Malaa, Mercer, and DJ Snake

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