One Vibration ‘Church of Bass’ Lands in Colorado This Month and is STACKED


By Matthew Lowell 5/03/19

We are just a couple weeks away from One Vibration Festival in Durango, Colorado featuring some wicked talent in the bass scene, from all the different corners. Buku, Zeke Beats, Freddy Todd, Ternion Sound, freakin Wriza, Conrank, Shlump, Au5, also a slug wife takeover – it’s looking to be a dirty, dusty, delightfully bass driven weekend. Not to mention all the HOT Colorado talent on this bill. Niraya, Mersiv, Patches O’Malley, Kyral x Banko, ZIIM, Sassfactory, Fiyah, Laika Beats, Homemade Spaceship– all MUST SEE acts-  A Florida boy, Rest in Pierce will be gracing us as well. Balancing acts like Govinda, Dirtwire, Funkstatik, Vibesquad for us really tie the lineup together, breaking it up with a little more of a journey/ psychedelic style of bass.. hoping one of those will be late night!

One Vibration is bringing what they call the “Church of Bass” to Colorado. If bass music is your religion then these guys are literally building your church down in Durango. The event is focused on the simple fact that we are some bass obsessed moth*r f**kers. Sound Culture is serious. Each stage will have a kick ass system, the likes of Hennessey Sound Design, Danley Labs and Funktion-one all present at One Vibration. For anyone that may not know, these sound systems are specifically designed for this kind of audio. Crunchy hard hitting low frequencies so low you don’t hear them, just feel em- and highs so clean you could eat off them…yeah. These systems put out some SERIOUS clean big sound. They can completely change the way you feel about concert audio.

Sub.mission agency, Angry Neighbor, Mile High Sound Movement are providing some serious talent for this event, it is on track to be one of the better sound culture events of the year here in the US-  in my[our] opinion.

We cannot wait to get down there and see what the grounds have in store and to experience a true sound culture event. It’s going to be so badass! Join us May 17th and 18th!

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