Come To Red Rocks 9/14 for Group Therapy w/ Above & Beyond and Seven Lions

Red Rocks will be graced by another beautiful performance by Above & Beyond, this time the event is solely based around Above & Beyond. Seven Lions will be joining as support, with these two super forces of melodic and beautiful rhythmic electronic music, Red Rocks is in for a special treat. Bring your handkerchief (oh wait no one has those anymore,) bring tissues, as this show is going to be a real water works event. Hitting the soft spot for many, the heavenly music from Above & Beyond is world renowned. With their own record label, Anjunabeats, and having published some of the biggest tracks in the world, Above & Beyond has a wide library of beautiful trance to offer to Red Rocks. This is most definitely a night of music you should NOT miss! Check out one of our favorite songs from both of the artists performing!


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