Govinda: A Sundown Set at Gem and Jam 2016 That You CAN NOT Miss

Starting Friday February 12th and lasting until Sunday February 14th, Gem and Jam Festival in Tucson Arizona is going to be lit! This festival has incredible artists both musical and visual performing while multiple vendors are selling unique and exotic clothes, jewelry, and of course gems. With the Main Stage headliners; Minnesota, Beats Antique, and Lettuce it is hard to not be intrigued by this festival. From when the festival starts, until it ends, there are many different styles and genres of music to witness. There is three different stages to choose from: Quartz, Jade and Onyx which gives vast opportunities to discover new music. Check out the time schedule for the artists released by Gem and Jam below.

Gem and Jam Schedule

But there is one artist’s set in particular that if you are attending Gem and Jam, you NEED to experience! On Saturday from 5:20 – 6:35pm, witness Govinda live at the Quartz stage, (and even if you have seen Govinda before, you need to see this set, a desert environment is very fitting for his music.) He describes his intricate music as Psy-Bass with live violin. Govinda has been playing the violin since the age of 8 so you know when you go see him, the violin is going to be on point and the vibes will be radiating throughout the crowd from the stage. Not only does his music put you in a trance when you listen to it live, but seeing him with his performance artist and fiancée Jordan Proper on stage is something special that creates its own unique energy in and of itself. They portray their love for each other with such a high energy that it spreads through the audience with smiling faces and dancing feet. Below is a picture of them on stage at the RE:CREATION show in Denver with Shpongle and Alex Grey. (Click link for my official Govinda coverage for that show.)

Capturing the moment during Govinda's set @ RE:CREATION 12/11/15

The talent on stage doesn’t stop there, Jordan hand selects other performance artists to share the stage with, and for this Gem and Jam show she has invited previous performers; Breezy Hennessey and Kendall Luna who will be joining the stage with Govinda and Jordan at Gem and Jam to showcase their talent with multiple flow acts. Recently at RE:CREATION, where Govinda performed in Denver, Breezy joined them to give an impeccable performance! Seeing Breezy and Jordan together is absolutely breathtaking, with their synchronization as they do improvisation performance art on stage and flow like water to the music. With Kendall Luna joining them on stage, the performance art for Govinda’s set is going to be utterly astonishing, and a set you want to witness! I am thoroughly interested and eager to see what they have in store for their set at Gem and Jam, but there is still another reason to see Govinda. Govinda has been planning and working on his next highly anticipated album Decadence for a while now. He has been expanding the range of genres that he pulls from and what he has in store for this album is incredibly fresh, sexy, groovy, and unique. So with that album in progress it is more than likely he will play a some of the tracks off his album as he did at RE:CREATION. With that and all the performance art and how much they have planned to make this act stand out, as well as it being a sundown set, this is truly going to be a phenomenal performance which could quite possibly one of the best sets of this year.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. If you are a night owl and haven’t had enough musical experience from Gem and Jam Festival, there is an official after party later on at The Club that the club starts at 1:45 and goes until 5:15. This club is going to be hosting multiple unique artists that are going to be playing exotic sets, such as Borahm Lee (of Break Science), Govinda, and Souleye. Govinda has a completely different style of set that he will be playing there rather than at the set earlier, and will be ending the night with the right vibes. Make sure to check out the after party if you are attending Gem and Jam, get tickets for the after party here!


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Here is a taste of Govinda Live if you haven’t seen him yet. Breezy and Jordan using Silk Fans for Govinda at RE:CREATION.


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