Ott Headlines Flaming Hearts on Valentines Day in Taos, NM.

On Valentines Day in an intimate and exceedingly special location, at the Taos Mesa Brewery in Taos, New Mexico, experimental psy-bass producer Ott is going to be headlining Flaming Hearts hosted by StarTribe. Ott has recently released his newest Album Fairchild and it has been a massive hit. This album carries vast sounds that resemble spacey, Jamaican, ambient, psychedelic, bass heavy dub and it is beautiful! Hearing this and other Ott classics under a star lit sky with Pueblo bonfires in Taos, this will truly be magical. (Listen to his whole album on YouTube here!) StarTribe consistently books amazing artist’s to play these shows and recently for the winter season they have been having bon fires to warm up the crowd. Now for their first show this year, they are starting off strong with: amazing local support – Planewalker, Buddha Bass, Kannizle and Deja, phenomenal fire and dance performers -Jesse Morville, Clinton Reynolds, Sarah Elizabeth, Charlene Gonzales, Zihna Kachina, Breezy Hennessey, and Zoe Romero, hot organic chai tea, bonfires, and its powered by 20 Speaker Mesa Sound System. There’s a lot going on in this intimate venue, and with what is planned it is going to be an event you don’t want to miss!

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StarTribe has been known to have extraordinary fire performers and at this show they are having an unique intro to start off the event with the lighting of the Bonfires. With this many fire performers, it is a constant rotation out of unique acts with multiple variations of flow toys. The performers booked have fire flow props that range from Dragon Staff, Hoops, Fans, Poi, and Staff. As usual at these events the fire performers bring it their all and truly make the show come together. Check out a video I took of Breezy lighting the Bonfire in Taos for the Random Rab show.

Make sure to catch this intimate event as there are only 500 tickets being released! Also, if you attend make sure to grab a beer (21+ of course) and try out Taos Mesa Brewery, it is exceptionally delicious!
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