Review of 3 Song EP ‘Movement’ From DRINKURWATER Released on Wakaan

Liquid Stranger’s popular bass label Wakaan, has been releasing absolute heaters of songs since it’s initial debut. Throughout the years, Wakaan and Liquid Stranger has promoted tons of music from up and coming artists that have straight SKY ROCKETED with popularity within our scene! The most recent release is set to to do just that again with DRINKURWATER. This up and coming bass artist has another release on Wakaan but this time with a 3 song EP and it is absolutely changes things up! Titled Movement this EP goes over an intense hypnotic sound scape that lures the ears in with entrancing intro’s into unexpected drops. That kind of production set up goes for all three songs, ‘Movement’, ‘Closer’, and ‘Bendy Riddim Straw.’ Each one obviously has its own story but all are correlated with a vocal sample of ‘water’ and gnarly bass hits that is surrounded by intricate sound design. In one way or another ‘water’ gets dropped slyly in the song, in such a way that it hypes up the drop that much more while all still reminding you to drink your water! To be fair, ‘Bendy Riddim Straw’ definitely sticks true to its title and is one of the hardest hitting songs on the EP. All around this EP has a positive focus with some of the most radical bass music to be found! Check out his EP on SoundCloud below and be sure to follow his socials to keep up to date with his releases and performances!

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