Minnesota, Detox Unit, Cut Chemist + More Added to Sonic Bloom’s Epic Lineup

Phase two of Sonic Bloom’s stellar lineup has recently been released and it is quite a doozy! As if the lineup wasn’t already epic enough, the crew at Sonic Bloom made the lineup feel so much more whole with fantastic additions to the 2nd phase… and there is STILL one more phase of artists to be added! Let’s soak in the epic beats with this phase two lineup with artist additions from; Minnesota, SoDown, Chali 2na & Cut Chemist, Nobide, John Summit, Melody Lines, Banshee Tree, Xenolinguist, Mermix, CatParty, NotLo, Schema Things, LER, Nick Irvin & MissTree! Not to mention an epic Saturday night takeover with Tipper & friends being; Detox Unit, Resonant Language & Restraint!

We updated our massive playlist on Souncloud! So check it out! Phase two artists has been added at the bottom of the playlist.

Don’t forget to purchase ticket to the unified field if you haven’t already!

With Tipper and all these other amazing artists, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sonic Bloom sells out this year!

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