Tipper is Returning To Sonic Bloom w/ All Stages Bumpin’ Funktion One Sound (Rest of Lineup is Jaw-Dropping)

Alright you Spunions, ‘the Unified Field’ is going in on the wonky bass-heavy goodness this year and they are supporting all sound with Funktion Ones on every, single, stage. Sonic Bloom recently announced their 15th annual, 2020 lineup from June 18th to the 21st and it is a straight stinker, absolutely disgusting. (Pictured above.) Lets start with some of the returning artists who will be bringing back those golden Bloom vibes to the Hummingbird Ranch. The master mind and one of the biggest influencers in our scene, Tipper, is returning for two legendary sets, (Again, can not express this enough, on Funktion One sound. This is how Tipper is meant to be heard and we are getting it on the Bloom Stage.) Some other wonk-a-delic artists who are coming back is the mystic Charlesthefirst, the unbelievably happy and exotic Brit; Ott., a wizard who is Of the Trees, Colorado’s dubhead, kLL sMTH,  and a handful more! Don’t worry you jam wooks, Bloom is catering to us as well with some of the most excellent live-jam vibes on the blocc. We got Lettuce coming in with the some crazy hair and beautiful blues, as well as one of Colorado’s most prized jam bands, Sunsquabi, and the live-band of Break Science.

Shall we begin the list for the new comers that are going to absolutely rock the ranch or should we just say it’s the whole damn lineup… because it is! From start to finish all of the new names coming to Bloom are going to offer SUCH an unique and distinguishable vibe, this year is going to be hands down one of the most interesting years that they have ever hosted!!! Lets start with some of the Spicybois, which is an up & coming record label group composed of, well Spicybois and beats! Very spicy. (Too Spicy? Never.)  And some of the artists representing that spice this year are; MeSoKyral x BankoCnopes & Molokaibass. Craving more bass? There will be some intense shredding going down at Bloom with Duffrey and Ultrasloth. WANT MORE BASS? Bloom has you covered. Wakaan‘s little alien Lucii is going to do some serious bass probing on them Funktion Ones! More Wakaan you say? Sure thing, ‘Alien Technology’ expert Shlump, is coming to the Ranch to unveil some high-tech beats and free-form bass. You might want to watch out for a Pigeon Hole, I heard the bass in those are tremendous. Don’t forget the time for grime… Grymetyme, a local basshead will be making some serious moves on the ranch with his filth.

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This is only phase one. We can not wait to see who the other TBA artists are and who the choose for some of the local spots. Sonic Blooms lineup may already be fantastic but we are excited to see who they will add to this already near perfect lineup! Tickets are going quick on the tiers, so grab them if you haven’t yet!

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Don’t know all of the artists performing at Sonic Bloom this year? Don’t worry, we got you covered with this TCE Exclusive playlist, at over 190 songs and over 14 hours of epic music for you to jam out to! Check it out below!


Sonic Bloom 2020 Ticket Link

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