Psymbionic & Thelem Come Out with Dark Collab “Dimensions”

We are extremely excited for Psymbionic’s album “Carbon Based Lifeform”, out Feb 5th on Gravitas Recordings. While waiting on the full release, Psybionic and Thelem released a single from the album. “Dimensions” is a dark and deep tune with it’s heavier side meshed in perfectly. The intro to the track might have you think it would be a slower 140 deep dubstep track, but when the drop comes in it will leave you for a bit of a shock. The song comes in with an intricate array of synths and low end giving the track an interesting complexity. Each listen through will highlight different aspects of the track to absorb. It is nice to see the different styles blend into one cohesive unit. This collaboration works very well and we can not wait to see what the full album brings. Stay tuned to TCE for a full review on the album when it drops.


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