ILLENIUM Just Released One of his Brightest Songs Yet: ‘Crashing’ ft. Bahari

ILLENIUM has done it again! Another absolutely BEAUTIFUL release from the magical mind of Nick Miller. Just recently, he has released what we think is one of his brightest and most beautiful songs yet! ‘Crashing’ featuring the heavenly vocals from Bahari, an alternative pop duo from California with otherworldly sounds. Together, ILLENIUM and Bahari come to a glorious medium with powerful lyrics backed with an enlightening and motivational backbeat. This song radiates the vibes of love as the lyrics are clear that there is nothing more intoxicating than another person’s energy which can put anyone into a trance of passion fueled from pure love. Check out the lyrics below and listen along to the beauty either on Youtube or Soundcloud. Make sure to give ILLENIUM and Bahari a follow on their socials to keep up to date with releases and upcoming performances! *Upcoming Festival Performances for ILLENIUM – Ultra Music Festival, E-Wax Festival, Ubbi Dubbi, EverAfter Music Festival, and Bonaroo Music and Arts Festivals (Announced so far.) 

“Intoxicating your kiss, intoxicating your lips Nobody does it like this, I find it hard to resist Feeling out of control, beautifully so What’s coming over me It’s a total eclipse of rationality

I don’t usually say this I don’t usually play this game Yeah I know I’m not faded But it kinda feels that way I don’t usually say this But I think I should let you know That baby, baby, I don’t, I don’t wanna go

How could I go home When I feel like I belong In your arms, it’s like champagne Feel it pouring in my veins Yeah I got myself too drunk on you to drive So I’m crashing here tonight How could I go home When you’re all I wanna know Come on let me see your bed It’s too late for this to end Yeah I got myself too drunk on you to drive So I’m crashing here tonight

Hey are you really this good, damn are you really this good? Baby you’re just like a drug, I’d bottle you up if I could Feeling out of control with your chemicals What’s coming over me? It’s a total eclipse of rationality.”



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