Sullivan King Will Save the World w/ Dank & Heavy Headbanging Music

Sullivan King, the forerunner screaming guitar shredder who imbues metal into dubstep is currently bussing around with dubstep superstar Excision, bringing the power of the Paradox stage production to a new peak in the Apex tour. Together they have collabed on a few songs for the occasion. The newest song that they have struck their creative minds together for is an original called “Wake up”! But within a months time he has released an EP The Demented and a Single; a remix of the classic John Martin x Swedish House Mafia ballad Save The World. This time it boasts incredible guitar flairs, a superheavy drum bassline, explosive static-glitch montages, and vocals by Sullivan King himself. You can definitely tell both dub-legends took some time to make this remix just perfect. It’s hard to keep your head from slamming back and forth through such a hard-hitting rendition. Hardcore metalheads and dubstep lovers can rejoice together while this song blares on stage.

Excision’s Apex Tour is coming for two days to the 1STBank Center in Denver, CO on March 15th and 16th. You will more than likely catch this new tune at the show on one of the nights, so be sure to buy a ticket below before they sell out!


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Author: Chase S.

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