Spending 4/20 with Some Deadbeats (Event Review w/ Photo & Video)

This past 4/20 celebration we were fortunate enough to get the chance to travel to the desert paradise in Arizona and experience the glorious journey that is a Deadbeats curated event, produced by Relentless Beats. This wasn’t just your average show though, this was the weekend of 4/20 AND as it just so happens, Easter. We can’t think of anything more holy than being at a Zeds Dead set to start off your Easter.

We here at The Chronic Electronic hold 4/20 experiences to a pretty high standard, even with that considered the boys over at Deadbeats far surpassed every expectation. This is no surprise considering the unbelievable line up of Blanke, 1788-LTroyboiLiquid Stranger, and of course the dynamic duo Zeds Dead. Now if you’re even remotely a fan of electronic music seeing those names in the same place should elevate your heart rate.

Every single artist brought their own unique style and sound, and we were graced with just about every genre of electronic music you can imagine. The venue was outdoors and Blanke took the stage with an intoxicating sunset on the horizon, the slower mesmerizing sounds of sweet sweet mid tempo was a perfect start to the evening. Especially heading into the more crunchy sounds of 1788-L, who kicked the energy up a notch and debuted some delightful new tunes.

The headliners of this show really sealed the deal though, considering they are each absolutely iconic in the scene. Troyboi was up next and things just got straight up tribal. The beats are so simple but so absurdly clean. He creates a sound every single person feels beyond the bass, and it’s almost impossible not to dance. Switching things up a bit the legend himself Liquid Stranger had joined us to have just a bit of fun. These are the kinds of sets we live for, you aren’t quite sure what to expect but you are without a doubt coming along for the ride. This man has an ability to create entire musical worlds that are just genuinely beautiful and interesting. His ability to mix is out of this world, and his musical library is unfathomably diverse. Plus we got to hear him rinse some of that new LSDream album.

Last but certainly not least, the unstoppable Canadian duo Zeds Dead. Is there anything these guys can’t do? From running their record label, to curating these incredible events as well as performing at what seems like EVERY single musical festival the boys are on fire. You’d think this might impact their performance a little bit, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Somehow they have also found time to create simply wonderful new music and collab with artists like Dion Timmer. This beautiful set in the desert was one to be remembered and treasured. In all of our years we have never witnessed Zeds Dead play so much house music (AND SOME TRANCE) and it fit in flawlessly with the set. Whether its Drum and Bass, some good old fashioned dubstep, or house music that’s just good for the soul Zeds Dead does it so damn well. As always we were blown away by the stage production and really the entire experience overall and we cannot wait for another one.

Author: Seann B
Photos: Dom Ragusa