#Flashback to our Favorite Moments of Groove Cruising from San Diego to “Cabo”

We can’t believe it has already been practically a month since the magnificent 30th sailing of Groove Cruise from San Diego to “Cabo.” So we are going on a flashback to some of our favorite moments on Groove Cruise in a #FBF article. When then event started, unfortunately, we had a rough start as the production took a few hours longer to kick off and mother nature decided to throw a hurricane at Cabo when we would have been there, so with last minute changes the WhetTravel team was able to do a 180 degrees flip on both schedule and destination and make the absolute best of the situation. It took a while for us to leave the port of San Diego but once we did we were on a slow and relaxing route to Ensenada, where we kicked back for the majority of the 2nd day. Following that was two more days of Groove Cruising on international waters with some of the dankest and most renowned house, techno, and trance music in the world. Below are some of our favorite moments along with the artist schedule so you can get a grasp of the wonders on Groove Cruise.

Benny Benassi Moved From the Main-stage on the Pool Deck to the Atrium For an Intimate Experience

Groove Cruise started the first day off strong with some massive names, but one of the most anticipated acts for many onboard was the legendary Benny Benassi. He took the headlining spotlight for the Pool Deck performance as we departed from San Diego. Due to some problems with attendees who couldn’t board, they moved the Italian producer and DJ to the Atrium, a small stage in the heart of the Norwegian Pearl, our grand cruise liner. Two bars, one on the bottom floor and one on the top, along with a restaurant, made this quite the spot for a close-up experience of the world-renowned house and techno artist. He played a plethora of modern-day beats that kept the party alive and bumping. Not the set I expected from Benny, but an excellent choice that made for one of the most memorable moments on Groove Cruise.


Cazztek in the Casino

One of the up & coming artists who are relentlessly taking over the scene is Cazztek, a deep house producer who played on Groove Cruise for his first time. Being a well known up & coming act he had three performances throughout the weekend with a highlight being when he took over the Casino stage. Groove Cruise has a smaller stage set up in the Casino which prompted the perfect vibe of getting down and dirty. Blackjack, poker, all types of machines and more. Partying in the casino to nasty deep house is one of the best ways to let loose on Groove Cruise. Check out this mini-recap posted by Cazztek!

Duke Dumont in a Club in Downtown Ensenada, Mexico

Sometimes plans change for the better and while we didn’t party in Cabo, we were safe and sound with close partners of Groove Cruise; Papas & Beers, where they hosted the day party in downtown Ensenada. A day club that takes the eyes for a visual journey the second you enter and see its steel stairs. Loaded with up to date production, the venue took me by surprise and when Duke Dumont finally took the stage, it was a raging party. He played a huge variety of his distinct music alongside other badass progressive house and party dance music. For not knowing at all what to expect, the day turned out to be one of my favorite moments of the adventure.

Didn’t Know About Drums of the Sun and Walked Way MIND-BLOWN

Almost every festival that I go to always contains acts that I am unfamiliar with, but aim to check out. For this Groove Cruise, Drums of the Sun caught my attention, merely by their unique name…and as you can imagine Drums of The Sun is a very uplifting type of sound. A duo, a DJ and a drummer, put their minds together for a mind-blowing combination that resulted in jungle house. I was stuck in the daze of pure talent and in that, I had some of the best minutes dancing to new music ever. Always keep your mind open to discovering new music and you won’t be disappointed. Check out this little clip from their performance below.

Lizzie Curious Projects the BEST On-stage Energy

Another up & coming act who I had discovered on the boat of wonders. Lizzie Curious, a UK based DJ, took me by surprise with her flawless mixing of deep house and party beats. She performed multiple sets and each time had an outstanding result with the feedback in the crowd. Always a packed crowd and completely full of energy. You can see the bright vibes in the picture alone, but check out the quick video of her taking over the Casino stage!

Inclusive DANK FOOD – Perfect for When Schwifty

What is one of the best aspects of being on a cruise ship? The fact that food is inclusive! There was a food buffet where all variations of food were out and about for any and all to indulge. The food was the perfect energy to keep the party alive. This alone is one of the best aspects of Groove Cruise. Sometimes at other music festivals, the food is hard to get either because of funds, long lines, not exactly what you want..etc. But on Groove Cruise, where Cruise ships have inclusive food and other restaurants for 5-star food, such as steakhouses or sushi, I was in absolute heaven. Eating a cheeseburger, with sesame chicken and a salad on the side finished with tiramisu, or whatever desert I was feeling at that point…is seriously one of the best ways to keep your schwift, schwifty. 

Catching “THE MOMENT”

Doesn’t have to be related to me in any way or fashion, but when you see someone take that leap of faith with their loved one, and the loved one says yes…it is one of the most beautiful moments you can be a part of. A couple got engaged during sunset while on attending one of the most unique parties in the world. This phenomenon happened during a magical Trance gathering with artists Dave Neven doing a b2b with Monoverse.

Green Velvet with an AMAZING Sunset Performance

Green Velvet was another one of those spotlight artists on Groove Cruise. Slotted with multiple performances it was hard to pinpoint a favorite from the Detroit Legend but one of the moments that stick out to me is when he followed up Shiba San and took us into the nightfall with that majestic sunset. The master of techno, he showed us variations of La La Land and spiraled us down into a whirlpool of funky dance beats. Check out the small clip below!

Shiba San in the Theater Getting Weird 

Shiba San had multiple performances throughout the adventure on Groove Cruise as well, but the final performances in the theater were hosted by his label, Basement Leak, and from Sage Armstrong into Shiba San himself, the theater turned into an animal house. People were out to party like their lives depended on it because we were growing closer and closer to the end of the gathering and with Shiba San letting loose like no other, it just became a completely unique party. During the performance in the theater was some of the craziest funkiest house music that I have heard in a while, with a hilariously dressed up Shiba San that added the cherry-on-top of the cake. Check out this insanity below.

And Of Course, Partying with the #GCFam

Last and most definitely not least, partying with the beautiful Groove Cruise Fam. People of all types, from all types of musical likings, come onto this boat to just get away from their daily life and party like an m.f’er. This 21+ aged boat projects some of the best vibes as we are all adults here, who have the same passion for ‘letting go’ to some of our favorite music on a music festival that is hosted on a cruise ship. Honestly, can’t get better than that. You get interactions with artists of all types. You meet hilarious and goofy people who take the day/night costume themes to the absolute max. You meet some of the truest and hardest working people on this boat and because we are all stuck on it for the venture to and from, it really gives you time to get to know your neighbors and influences. This is truly an amazing opportunity to make some solid connections. Check out our mini gallery of some beautiful and goofy faces below and check out the full gallery in the link at the bottom of the page for High-Quality pictures! Shout out to The Confluence Group for this amazing opportunity! Also Cazadores Tequila, you were my energy for this weekend. Thank you! If you drink tequila, I recommend Cazadores for that smooth flavor for an amazing price no one can complain about!

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