10 Artists That Are A Must See at Shambhala Music Festival

The 21st annual Shambhala Music Festival is coming up quick, only two weeks away until we gather on the farm nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. This revered festival is packing some serious talent on the lineup this year! Each day is absolutely slam packed with mind-blowing artists who offer a wide range of music. Any electronic music lover would be in paradise here. Not only because of the sheer amount of music you can discover and/or go relax at to some of your favorite artists, but because it is located at one of the most beautiful spots possible for a festival. Surrounded by pine trees, glorious mountains, and a chilly winding river that offers a welcoming meeting spot for all, this is easily one of the best spots to get your dosage of up & coming and classic electronic music. On top of that, they use a Canadian powered sound system company, PK Sound, which is fully equipped on all 7 massive stages. You combine this with intricate and extremely well thought out stage design, visual arts, and the happiest of people, and you have yourself an experience like no other. During the weekend, Shambhala will have a plethora of artists for the attendees to choose from. See below or on their phone app which can be downloaded in the store on your phone for free. From our experience, the artist’s current releases, and given the scheduling of the artists, we put together a top 10 list of artists that are a must see! This is opinion and schedule based, so may not be exactly what you are looking for, and if it isn’t please feel free to share your opinion! We would love to hear who you are excited for! Tag us on Facebook and share this article! See you guys in two weeks! (The list was NOT easy to put together, there are so many honorable mentions it is not even fair.)

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10. Woolymammoth 

One of the up & coming bass acts taking the scene by surprise, Woolymammoth. He is putting out some insanely hard-hitting beats that cross between trap, hybrid bass, and just grime. The sound production that Woolymammoth has is gaining the attention of many as he has put out collaborations with artists like; ATLiens, Bleep Bloop, Holly, and more! Check out one of our favorites from Woolymammoth below!

Woolymammoth Facebook

Woolymammoth Soundcloud

9. Digital Ethos 

Another up and coming bass act but one that will be kicking the vibes off strong as he is one of the night time acts on Thursday. Digital Ethos, an artist who got picked up on Wakaan but has been dropping bangers left, right, and dead center. After a recent collaboration with Bassnectar named, “Slather,” Digitial Ethos has spread his sound to the bassheads for a reach unlike ever before. Check out the collaboration below! (Honorable mention

Digital Ethos Facebook

Digital Ehtos Soundcloud

8. Destructo

One of the legends of house music in the United States, Gary / Destructo will be taking over the Pagoda stage for the last set of Saturday, from 4 to 6 O’clock in the morning! This early morning/sunrise performance will be one that leaves people hypnotised for sure as he will be sure to showcase the various styles of house, through tech, deep, and bass varieties! Check out one of his recent releases below!

Destructo Facebook

Desctructo Soundcloud

7. Dimond Saints (Live)

The duo of two hybird bass music producers, An-Ten-Nae and Releece, come together for the eccentric Dimond Saints. They perform some of the gnarliest trap and bass music that I have heard and they are bringing their live band to make it just that much more next level. Equipped with trombones, trumpets, drums, and live performers, Dimond Saints will offer an experience that will leave you craving more. You’ll have to witness it first hand to see why at the Living Room stage!

Dimond Saints Facebook

Dimond Saints Soundcloud

6. DC Breaks b2b Loadstar

From my understanding, Shambhalers love that drum and bass… and so do I, so we can all agree that this b2b of DnB legends is one that you can not miss! DC Breaks b2b Loadstar is an absolute obliteration of heavy and nasty drum and bass. On the Village stage before the Liquid DnB sunrise performance, this will be the perfect time to get your feet moving fast in the early hours of the morning. (Also honorable mention, Liquid DnB duo, Koan Sound, will be at the Pagoda stage for the performance before DC Breaks & Loadstar, totally worth checking out you for DnB heads!)

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5. Dr. Fresch

One of the masterminds of G-House, Ghetto House, Dr. Fresch will be bringing the gangsta grooves to the Fractal Forest for a performance that we will want to remember. The strict no photography/videography rules set at this stage allows for an extremely intimate vibe and a vibe that you can’t get anywhere else nowadays. With technology being so prominent it truly means a lot to have a stage dedicated to just getting lost in the moment. So with that factor added onto Dr. Fresch’s gnarly production, this is an experience you just can’t miss!

Dr. Fresch Facebook

Dr. Fresch Soundcloud

4. Black Tiger Sex Machine

Church will be held on Sunday, as it should be and we will have our pastors, Black Tiger Sex Machine taking us deep into the Pagoda Stage for a righteous ceremony. The trio from Montreal are beyond excited to make a return to the festival and word on the street is, there is tons of new music that we can expect. They put out their most recent album, New Worlds, around 4 months ago which has been destroying festivals and clubs dancefloors all across the world! These guys are a must see and being in their home country, at one of the most experienced and renowned camping music festivals in the world, we couldn’t imagine a better environment for a late night Church session.

Black Tiger Sex Machine Facebook

Black Tiger Sex Machine Soundcloud

3. Kursa

Easily one of the most anticipated and talked about performances of the year, Kursa. Making his debut in the States just recently, he is traveling around Northern America on a gnarly tour where he will be ending it at Shambhala. Kursa is the mastermind and owner at the mind-melting record label, Slug Wife and what he will be bringing to Shambhala is hard to dictate as his performances are super fresh for our scene. Which is why his set on Saturday Night at the Pagoda stage is a must see! Check out the wonky filth below and get ready for the beautiful chaos to ensue.

Kursa Facebook

Kursa Soundcloud

2. Defunk 

For his first time, Defunk will be performing at the Pagoda stage. A Canadian grown, funky & bass heavy producer, Defunk has a super juicy time slot as he follows up Kursa on the massive stage Saturday night and leads into Canadian dubstep duo Adventure Club. Defunk is one of the beloved Shambhala artists who has poured his heart and soul into the production of the festival and his artwork. Taking funk to Drum and Bass levels and mixing it around with some gnarly bass beats, Defunk is an act that is gonna stomp out the Pagoda stage with a groove-tastic performance!

Defunk Facebook

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1. Yheti b2b Toadface

Last but not least, two brothers who dabble in some heavy, exotic, weird, grimey, and goofy bass music. None other than Yheti and his little bro, Toadface. As individual artists they throw down some of the nastiest sets that I have seen but when they are together… honestly its just a whole different ballpark. It is laughable at many points, the amount of filth and grime that gets mashed together from the siblings but what makes it golden is the appreciation and humbleness from the two. Yheti always calls out his little brother when throwing down a song that they collaborated on or when on stage together, for “being his little brother” and “being a massive inspiration.” That brotherly love emits through the music and the crowd and when they do a b2b it is just a family gathering unlike any other. On top of their wide library of production, they pull music from labels like Wakaan or Gravitas, along with many other up & coming artists in the scene. Showcasing all different types of wonky bass and half time beats. Yheti and Toadface will have a two hour showcase of nastiness that will end out the AMP stage on Sunday from 3 to 5 in the morning.


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