‘DISMANTL’ Your Perception of Viola Use in Electronic Music w/ Plantrae’s Latest EP

Plantrae has kicked off his 2019 year strong with releasing one of his brightest and grooviest pieces of art yet, with his 4 song EP, ‘DISMANTL’. He was going through a rough patch in life but had put all pain and problems aside and came up with this beautiful EP. Creating vibes from emotions, he made this DISMANTL a true piece of art that stemmed from some of the darkest and roughest points from his life. Incorporating viola, he mainly plays calm, harmonic strokes of viola backed with tribal and worldy beats, sprinkled with lush electronic samples. Not all of the songs are what they turn out to be, like in the first track, “Apex” he uses a lovely and charming use of viola and drums but then halfway through it drops to a wonky, wavy song. In his second song, “Dreamsick” he changed his sound up rather nicely and goes off a pretty emotional feeling electronic beat that later on bringing in the tear-jerking viola strokes. The third track in his EP (and personally my favorite) “Emergence” shows the ultimate blend of gnarly electronic music layered with hypnotizing use of viola. It drops down hard half way through and brings it all together for a combination of sounds like no other. On the last track, “Departure” it truly defines his abstract way of thinking of unique ways to combine electronic beats with heartfelt viola strokes. This EP most definitely carries the vibes of his fire fueled passion and is one of our favorite pieces of work from Plantrae and we know if you are still reading this you’ll definitely get down to his EP! Check out his work of art below and be sure to follow him on socials!


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