Bassnectar Kicks Off Deja Voom in Stunning Fashion [Day 1 Deja Voom EVENT REVIEW]

This is hands down the most anticipated event for a Basshead and it is finally here. DEJA VOOM we are ready! People have landed safely, rooms have been checked into, tequila shots have started pouring, and now we are ready for Bassnectar and his closest friends to blow the roof off of the Barcelo Riviera Maya Resort.

This event was advertised as a Basshead’ s paradise, and I must say waking up in the beautiful Quintana Roo, Mexico with the sounds of the Caribbean Sea waves crashing in onshore is absolutely nothing short of paradise. Walking up to breakfast you are welcomed with a smile and a mimosa as you step into a world class buffet, around this time is when you have to remind yourself, yes this is a Bassnectar event and no you are not dreaming. After breakfast, of course, the next play is to go take a dip in the pool! Walking up to the pool you see staff blasting the Bassnectar Immersive Mixtapes across the pools with a cluster of Bassheads, grinning ear to ear, just absolutely loving life. Can this get any better? After enjoying one of many of the resort’s pools we decided to go catch some of the DJs that were selected to perform at the Open Decks slot times. Wreckno was who we were able to catch. We walk into the “LoFi Room” which is one of the resorts clubs with a thumping sound system and incredible vibe. Wreckno is a bit of a superstar in the Basshead community and had the club packed out. He rinsed out many of his crowd favorites and sexy mashups that got everyone in the mood to start partying hard.

In respect of keeping this article relatively short, let’s just say the next couple of hours were what makes this Bassnectar event so incredibly over the top and 100% worth it. Hydrotherapy spa, Swedish massage, high-class Japanese steak house, jewelry shopping, unlimited drinks with waiter service, need I say more? This is where Bassnectar and living lavish have finally met. This resort makes you feel like dirty bass music royalty. As the day continued, the beach stage began to start cranking out the tunes with Telefon Tel Aviv, Elohim, and Beats Antique (DJ Set) playing before the man Bassnectar. Upon entering the main festival stage you are greeted with your choice of Mexican beer, margaritas, pinacoladas, you name it. They have food vendors offering up delicious Mexican treats such as street corn and churros. Wonderful decorations that really created an atmosphere that is like no other. Then you see the stage, a masterfully constructed piece of production sat right on the beach next to the beautiful oceans of the Caribbean Sea. This is truly paradise. We were able to make it for Beats Antique’s set and what a way to set a vibe. Playing many of their classics such as “Killer Bee” while also mixing in a couple of brand new songs that were extremely vibey with their trademark exotic beats. It was just the mood we were looking for when preparing for a Bassnectar Mexico beach throw down.


New Track Bassnectar Track Primiered in Mexico

Bassnectar treated the Deja Voom crowd to a brand new track in his first night!

Posted by The Chronic Electronic on Friday, March 1, 2019


As Beats Antique played their last song and thanked the crowd for the love, the lights dimmed and the anticipation every Basshead knows all to well sank in. The set began with some deep dark tracks that had the coasts of Mexico rumbling and the sand under your feet vibrating as if an earthquake was taking place. There was an unmistakable feeling that this was not going to be your average Bassnectar set. While the first half of the set was not the balls to the walls mayhem that many come to expect from Bassnectar, it was nothing short of heavy. Deep, slapping low-end sounds, gave a dark and eerie vibe as the sonic waves carried through the Mexican air. The crowd getting low and sexy as they connected with the more downtempo style that Bassnectar was throwing out. The first half of the set consisted of tracks such as Fall in Love [Moody Good Remix] (Travis Scott Acapella), many deep dubstep tunes, and crisp mashups that every Basshead has come to know and love. At this point, without complaint, we began to be content with an entire set with no real massive bangers, but of course, Bassnectar surprised us again. About halfway through the set, the tempo changed, dropping a crazy Caspa-DEJA VU [Bassnectar Edit], he began to throw a few punches. Sticking with the deep and low theme Bassnectar surgically added some filth into the mix. Keep the asses low and slow but turning the crowd’s heads into some straight up stank bass faces. To end the set Bassnectar primiered a brand new track that was bone crushing, yet extremely melodic and comforting all at the same time. To end, Lorin gives a quick speech thanking the wonderful people of Mexico for welcoming us into their home and giving a quick reminder that respect is incredibly important during our visit. In typical fashion he could not resist playing one more. For the encore, he dropped the fattest “Heads Up (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)(Busta Rhymes – Touch It vocals)” that got quite the crowd eruption. This set can be summarized as deep, low, loud, and in your face, a perfect way to start a dream weekend.


Bassnectar dropping some nasty dubstep in Mexico at Deja Voom! HEAVY!

Bassnectar dropping some nasty dubstep in Mexico at Deja Voom! HEAVY!

Posted by The Chronic Electronic on Friday, March 1, 2019

To continue the night we ventured towards the late night shows, picking the Slug Wife Takeover with Kursa, Seppa, and Broken Note. Upon entering the venue for the show you are greeted by a THUMPING sound system and no lack of stage production. The Slug Wife boys continued the night throwing down HEAVY originals. Slapping neuro goodness being shoved down the crowd’s throats was a nice but very drastic change from what we experienced from Bassnectar. A huge crowd formed for the Slug Wife guys as they have been continuously gaining a huge and loyal following in the American bass music scene.


Kursa Tearing Up the Late Night Slug Wife Takeover in Mexico at Deja Voom

Kursa getting the SLUG WIFE Takeover started down in Mexico at Deja Voom

Posted by The Chronic Electronic on Friday, March 1, 2019


Overall, day one was a perfect start to our bass paradise and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for the weekend. Stay tuned to The Chronic Electronic for daily updates on Deja Voom!

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