Up & Coming Artist ‘Bass Temple’ Released A New Song on Gravitas Records

A Denver local up and coming music producer, Bass Temple, has been making some massive moves within the past year with releases on big outlets such as Headbang Society and HeardItHereFirst. Now, her latest release is on one of the biggest experimental bass music labels in the nation. ‘Ritual’ featuring LIINKS just recently got released on Gravitas Records and it couldn’t have been a more fitting label for her sound! Gravitas has helped a plethora of underground bass artists find their way to stardom, one of the most notable being one of the most iconic producers in the scene today, CloZee. Just as she blew up with harmonic bass and soothing sounds, Bass Temple is on route to following a similar (but different) path to stardom with this top-tier release! The song encompasses experimental bass with soft and hypnotic vocals from LIINKS, a duo from Canada with female vocals that graze over lush beats. In this song ‘Ritual’ the beat almost hits a mid-tempo kind of BPM but mashed together with distorted bass, entrancing vocals, and a constant rhythm. This song will be one to get the crowd moving whether it’s enclosed at a club or amongst the daylight at a festival, Ritual will bend speakers and hypnotize minds. Talking of which, Bass Temple has two dope upcoming shows that will offer both of those settings. First, she has a show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom with Michal Menert on April First and then she is booked to perform at Colorado’s premier electronic music festival, which is of course Sonic Bloom. The festival will be happening from June 15th to the 18th of this year! Tickets are available now! Follow the links below for more info and to get your Bass Temple on at some epic events in Beautiful Colorado!

Bass Temple Facebook

Bass Temple Website

Bass Temple Soundcloud

Gravitas Soundcloud

Sonic Bloom Ticket Link