Backwoods Festival ‘23 Artist Spotlight: Flintwick

Backwoods Music Festival is bringing the heat with some of the artists booked on this 2023 lineup! From epic jams to fresh funk and heavy dubstep, Backwoods has it all for a die hard music festival lover that appreciates both electronic music and live bands. We put together a ‘gigantic’ Backwoods playlist that has all of the artists announced and when we were putting it together, we had discovered some new artists along the way that we know will absolutely rock the mountain. From huge tunes to the best of vibes, a lot of these artists have so much to offer and in turn it will make for one of the most unique festival feels to date. One of those artists that we discovered recently and are enthralled to see live is, Flintwick.  A trip hop/ glitch music producer that has some of the wonkiest and most mind melting sounds that when put together makes you feel like you’re traveling through space to an ultimate psychedelic musical soundscape.

Flintwick is a local to the state of Arkansas and with Backwoods being hosted at the legendary music venue of Mulberry Mountain in the picturesque Ozark Mountains, we can only except this home state hero to bring out all the heaters and the best of the best in his library. Whether or not, if he’s a day performance or during the peak of the night, his set will be immaculate vibes for a camping festival and a set that we can not miss out on. He is no stranger to Backwoods and so his return perform will surely be sought out after from many. To all the Tipper heads and those who may have spunion friends, check out Flintwick because his sound is truly one of a kind and at this festival, from our knowledge of putting together this playlist, he is quite literally the only producer with this style of sound on the lineup and we couldn’t be more excited for that fact. It’ll be an amazing change up amongst all the other genres of music and is easily one of our most anticipated sets to catch!

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Check out some of his music and get ready to get wonky April 20th to the 23rd! If you haven’t gotten tickets yet you can find the link and more info below!

Backwoods Music Festival Ticket Link

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