Gem & Jam: Wildin’ Out w/ Ravenscoon (TCE Exclusive Interview)

We’re on the horizon to coming together in the desert for a weekend of Gem & Jam! Coming up soon from February 3rd to the 5th in Tucson, this transformational festival is set to kick off the ‘festi’ vibes right with all types of electronic music meshed with the best of jams! Some notable names are The String Cheese Incident, LSDream, OTT., Emancipator, Defunk, and many more! The daily schedules just got released, so plan your ventures with the pictures below and if you don’t have tickets yet you can get them through the link here.

Friday night is gonna be lit with some very talented music and artists! One of the artists performing on the first night is one of our most anticipated. He is an up and coming bass music producer that not only has a super distinct style to his production with intense dubstep or tranquil downtempo, but he also has a style like no other when performing live. Ravenscoon is making his debut at Gem and Jam and will be taking over the Onyx stage for quite a whirlwind of music! We are thankful he was able to spend some time with us for an exclusive ‘TCE’ interview! Dive deep into our goofy and informative interview below to pick apart Ravenscoon’s brain a bit with some juicy content!

1. Being from the more eastern side of the nation, have you heard much of the festival Gem & Jam and the diverse lineup going this year? Are there any acts you’d see if your schedule allowed you?
I have heard of Gem and Jam. I’ve been going to music festivals for over 10 years now, and so I’ve always heard great things about it. I definitely would like to see The String Cheese Incident, LSDream, Emancipator, Funk Hunters, and many more.
2. You yourself are very diverse in not only the music you play but how you play it, such as layering vocals from popular songs over some nasty beats. Can you give any insight into what kind of vibe your set will be and how you will be a completely different and unique experience from other bass acts that will be performing at Gem and Jam?
You’re very right, I do like keeping my sets fresh and diverse. All of my sets are pretty much different in at least some way. I’ll be showcasing all the types of music that I like— heavy dubstep, trap, melodic, throwback, wave, etc. I like to tell a story with my live sets, I think that I’ll be playing a bit heavier but also a bit more melodic than others if that makes sense. I like to think I’m unique!
3. Performance arts is a huge factor at Gem and Jam that helps accompany music with an one of a kind vibe. What is your favorite performance arts to watch? (Such as Led hoops, fire dragonstaff, Silk rope / aerials etc.)
I love all flow arts, but I have a soft spot for hooping. I have a lot of friends that are very talented hoopers and they always inspire me.
4. Can you spin flow toys? Or do you have any other hidden talent like that?
I have two left hands (jokingly) – I was never very coordinated. I stick to DJing 🙂
5. Visual arts pairs with music like strawberries covered in chocolate. Who are some of your favorite visual artists in the scene right now and is there anyone you would want to work with on a future performance?
I am a huge fan of visual artists— in the live realm I have been working with Pickles, Analyze, and Actualize. I also own content from Dr01d, T2, and P33nP00n. I would like to work with as many VJs as possible— I think each brings their own unique take and changes the vibe of the show.
6. Gems are also a very big aspect in the vibe at Gem and Jam, are you into gems and minerals and if so what are your favorite(s)?
I am into gems in the scientific way, I really enjoyed my geology class in college. The idea of mining for gems is so awesome to me. I think my favorite would be amethyst.
7. Do you have a favorite festival memory that you can share with us from either playing at or just attending?
There’s too many to think of. My favorite type of memory from festivals is you are 100% caught up in the music in the crowd and you take a second to look around and everything is just pure wonder and love and magic. I love people watching a lot too.
8. Arizona is one of those states with a high volume of “UFO sightings & activity.” If you happened to get temporarily abducted by a chill alien starship and things just worked out would you try and collaborate on a song (or piece of art) with an alien on there?
I think if I got abducted I would want to talk about their view of life and what they think happens after you die— the theory of gravity, black holes, and interstellar travel. I don’t think I’d even be thinking about music at that point to be honest.
9. Talking about Aliens, you have released a couple of times now on Wakaan and on Liquid Strangers new downtempo label, SSKWAN. What are your thoughts on the head honcho, Liquid Stranger and how his music has impacted the scene and perhaps yourself?
Martin is an absolute visionary who puts so much love and work into his craft and uplifting other deserving artists. I remember seeing his first WAKAAN tour many years ago as a fan, and to now be part of WAKAAN feels very humbling. He inspires me to be a better person and artist all the time – truly a gem in the scene.
10. What program(s) do you use for producing music? And What are some tips that you can give out to fellow up and coming “alien” music producers?
I use Ableton Live Suite 11.2. My biggest point of advice is don’t give up, keep at it. 10,000 hours minimum to get where you want. And don’t pay attention to anyone else besides yourself, remember to have fun.
11. Your uptempo is very insane paced with DnB and high intensity dubstep. Who are some of your inspirations from the heavier genres?
I really love Delta Heavy, Subtronics, Liquid Stranger, Getter, Skrillex, Nero, Dirtyphonics.
12. How did you come up with your name Ravenscoon?
It’s an anagram of my last name, Conversano. I put it in a random generator and picked the first one that caught my eye.

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