Burnin’ it Up in the Digital City of Decadence 2022 – T.C.E Review (Photo + Video Included)

A Digital City took over the megastructure of the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver at the end of the year in 2022. While celebrating the New Years with one of the biggest dance parties in the nation! This technologic take-over was brought together by none other than Global Dance presenting Decadence. Here, unique lights dangle from the darkened ceiling with different variants scattered throughout the festival floor. All with a type of illumination that portrays the ideal rave warehouse vibes, clashing with modern day festival feels. Decadence is quite the blend of gnarly, intense, and beautiful energy meshed with the upmost release of being in complete immersion from spiraling into a state of trance caused by none other than bass thumping- harmony ridden, electronic music. For their 12th year, Decadence brought out some of the biggest names in the world to along with a couple of up and coming names and a whole plethora of local artists. The two stage event is split up promptly with a silent disco to offer a nice change up from the two main stages that bump heavy bass and heart thumping electronic dance melodies. Having around 40,000 people under one roof during one of the biggest holidays certainly calls for high energy and a lot of interaction all while making for one of the most unique festival feels you can experience. Take a quick glimpse back at our super dank experience with our chronic review of Burning it up in the Digital City of Decadence!

Decadence typically has two stages that hosts rather different styles of electronic music so it can split up the massive crowds the best way possible. The motherboard stage this year held artists that are more apart of the mainstream music culture with genres such as; progressive house, future bass, or deep house. While the mainframe stage held more sounds of the underground culture with experimental bass, dubstep, trap, and drum and bass. On the first night the Motherboard stage brought in legends like Kaskade to kick off the night right. The heavenly house music icon led perfectly into one of the hottest future bass artists out there, Jai Wolf, who straight-up moved the crowd when his popular song ‘Indian Summer’ blasted the speakers towards the end of his set. A little later on, after a majestic Big Wild set that brought in live instruments and his wondrous voice, quite literally the biggest and most revered named in the industry took over for a Decadent set at one of the biggest stages that his now home-state has to offer. Tiesto started the set off with a mashup of his music but then quickly led into releases off of his label that brought it back to the around the classics of the 2013 era. This was quite easily one of the most memorable sets of the weekend.

Meanwhile on the bass stage, some of the hottest and biggest heavy hitters in the scene took over with very different sounds throughout the weekend. On the first day the stage hosted sounds of crunchy dubstep from Kompany that led perfectly into the heavenly sounds from Trivecta that offered up various genres such as melodic dubstep, liquid drum and bass, future bass, and more. They all held nice vibes that had it feeling like some kind futuristic rave but once LSDream came on…it was a completely different party. His sound is just what you would think a type of Alien-Space Bass would be. Along with his one of a kind music, the production truly began to kick off with all elements fully engaged in amazing colors that traversed all throughout the spectrum. He truly slayed it this year and was one of our favorite acts of the weekend! It was such a delight to have that phenomenal sets lead into another fan favorite artists. One we’ve been supporting for a long time, none other than CloZee.

CloZee took experimental and worldly sounds with beautiful harmonies and unexpected bass hits. It made for yet another exceptionally unique set that helped reimagine the digital city into quite the phenomena! When you think it couldn’t get better but yet somehow it does, Decadence does just that with GRiZ ending out the night with a rollercoaster of a performance. The whole first half of his set was nothing but heavy hitting ID’s and remixes of gnarly bass songs. Eventually he calmed it down with some house vibes that led into funky bass music to ride the grooves until close. His set took it to the next level with yet another amazing visual production from Decadence that had his visuals meshed all within it. You couldn’t have asked for a better set to end night one.

For the second day, they kicked it off pretty hard with two local artists that are continually on the rise and are sought out from the bass capital. Brondo back-to-back with Mport was one of the most goofiest and most exhilarating ways to kick start Decadence. Both of them have multiple songs that use ridiculous samples from viral videos such as ‘Banana Bread’ from Brondo or ‘Level 9’ from Mport. Who doesn’t love turtles… They led into the legends of Zeds Dead who blessed Decadence with an Altered States set that actually slowed things down a bit and showcased their melodic and chill side with house and liquid DnB that filled the set. Honestly, it was such a needed set for the stage because from there on out it was just no chill. Decadon took the stage shortly after and for being a local with that slot time.. it was an absolutely huge performance that led into multiple remixes of popular pop-rock / punk songs that fueled our teens and earlier years. His blast from a past set led into some gnarly swamp wobbles from Boogie T and from there it was just chaos. Boogie T’s music production is just absurd with how hard he can drop the bass frequencies and make your knees just teeter-totter from the grime.

Decadence did an excellent job with time slots for artists on this night for Boogie T leading into Ganja White Night was just top tier festival scheduling for bass music lovers such as us. The Belgian duo straight-up annihilated the stage for the last 20 minutes of 2022 all with starting with their MASSIVE remix of Boogie T.rio’s ‘Dear Weedman’ that led into intense ganja bass music. The ball-drop was not far away and once the time clicked close, they recapped their Ganja filled year with photo recaps from all of their events and dropped into some kind of ID for the special moment. Check out our 4k video of the ball drop below! Truthfully it seemed like most of the set was full of ID’s and live-renditions of songs that made for a GWN set like none other. Throughout their whole performance, they dabbled very lightly with their funkier side and kept it heavy with their proper wobbley-dubstep.

For the last hour in the digital city of Decadence they had dubstep heavy weight Zomboy close out the bass stage. Honestly it was the way I was hoping they would end it out for the bass heads. Zomboy is an absolute icon to the dubstep community with multiple hits that date back to the 2011-13 era of dubstep. As much as we love bass though, we had to end it with the birthday boy, Destructo, who closed out the motherboard stage with deep house vibes that brought out the best in the tired crowd. Even though it was reaching the final hour of the event people pushed through and partied their way into 2023 with glorious style.

This was personally my 11th time attending Decadence and 4th time doing media coverage at this event and I just wanted to thank Global Dance for the opportunity to do what I love at one of the best events out there. Decadence is truly something special because of the blend of rave warehouse vibes meshed together with festival feels and it just makes for a time that makes you craving more and more. We can’t wait to come back to the digital city next year, we just hope that they extend the hours back from 2am to 3am, where the extra hour truly made a huge difference in the experience.

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