A Collab Between Roomies That Embodies Colorado Bass Music

Colorado is an amazing home to aspiring and up & coming producers to all types of genres. In our proud bass music scene, artists are pushing the limits by making wonky bass lines, insane melodies, all while having exquisite sound design and that is exactly what is happening under one roof of local producer Lucid Vision.

Lucid Vision, otherwise known as Dalton Kieta, has been grinding hard over the years getting his project to reach the ears of many and over the past few months he has been putting in hard work to bring forth a new artist collective, Timeless Music Collective, founded by him, MASS RELAY, and MlrTyme Music.

The roster of artists is absolutely popping off with amazingly talented producers who are continually killing it and are on the rise to growing their project. Ranging from MIDIcinal, Homemade Spaceship, Funkstatik and more, the collective is already looking at a wide range of music. This is not a music label, it is an artist collective! As Dalton said, “The whole focus is to unite the community, and inspire/empower artists through collaborations, playing shows together, growing resources together, etc.” Check out the full roster in the link here! 

Coming out today, the founders of TMC have released a dope new single for the collective going live! A gnarly collaboration between not only an amazing group of friends but roommates, named ‘Chillin with the Roommates.’ This song highlights all the fields of a proper bass music track with chopped up vocal work, gnarly percussion, wonky samples that catch the ear, and of course heavy bass that rattles your bones if you’re jamming out hard enough! This 5 minute long song keeps your hooked as it clearly has aspects of each producer adding their touch and blending their vibe throughout it.

For you Spotify users – use this link here to listen!  

Lucid Vision has some shows coming up that can’t be missed out on! Starting with a 3 night Run for New Years with Boombox ranging across three intimate venues across the Front Range and in the mountains at Frisco.

12/29 – Frisco 10 Mile Music Hall
12/30 – Fort Collins Aggie Theatre
12/31 – Denver The Ogden Theatre

Shortly after kicking off the New Year right, Lucid Vision and The T.M.C crew will take over Schmiggity’s in Steamboat Springs on January 7th for a proper Timeless Music Collective Launch party!

Lucid Vision Facebook 

Lucid Vision SoundCloud 

Timeless Music Collective Website