Sonic Bloom Is Bringing Some Heat with Their 2022 Phase 2 Announcement

Sonic Bloom is bringing some serious heat for their 2022 lineup and it just got hotter with their phase two announcement! A lot of the artists on Phase 2 are returning to perform once again in the Unified Field such as, Michal Menert, Templo, Cualli, and Project Aspect! But there are plenty of new names coming to Bloom to dive into such as Molokai, GrymeTyme, Mermix, Shuj Roswell, Cnopes, and more! Not to mention a new collaborating act between artists Michael Travis from the String Cheese Incident and Aaron Johnson from Brazilian Girls labeled Snakes and Stars. Sonic Bloom loves to have new and exciting musical improv acts and Michael Travis is one of the best to do it! He is actually one of the artists that helped Sonic Bloom be how it is today by helping curate it from day one and be apart of the ever so special, Sonic Bloom Orchestra that takes place as the last set on the Main stage Sunday Night. Composed of multiple artists with a wide range of various musical talents, the orchestra is a complete improv set that leaves you craving more when witnessing it. The only thing is, making it to it. So when Sonic Bloom arrives here in a month and a half, prepare yourself throughout the whole weekend to have enough energy to last you up until the last acts of Sunday. It’ll be a doozy, but one you wont want to miss. Check out their full phase two lineup below along with our updated Soundcloud playlist. Make sure to get tickets ASAP as this year is POPPING off and not to mention ticket sales in 2020 and 2021 are being vouched for this year as well. So this will be a sold out Sonic Bloom, just a matter of when.
Snakes & Stars
Michael Travis (SCI) & Aaron Johnson (Brazilian Girls)
Michal Menert • Templo
Cualli • Iterate • Molokai • MZG
Navigatorz • Phyphr b2b Kaptain
Project Aspect
Apache Creek Fiddlers • Bloomurian
CatParty • Cnopes • GrymeTyme
Mermix • Messenger of Secrets
Schema Things • Shuj Roswell


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