Sonic Bloom ’22 Artist Spotlight: Ravenscoon

Sonic Bloom recently announced a mind-bending ’22 lineup after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic. They are bringing back a decent bit of the same names that were on the lineup while bringing in many new ones. One of the new names not only to the lineup but to debut his performance at the Unified Field is, Ravenscoon. To many; he is an up-and coming bass artist but to plenty of others – well versed bass music lovers, he is a must-see producer who truly has a one of a kind sound and flow. Ravenscoon has gained quite the following over the years as a local to his scene and with bass heavy mixes that have popped off on Soundcloud. While he showcases an immense amount of talent with his song transitions, overlapping of vocals to insane beats, and sound production, the way he brings it all together is what makes his performances unique and leaving you craving more. This style of playing live with his amazing studio design truly combines for an experience from an artist like no-other! Fortunately, Sonic Bloom is a playground of experimental and ground breaking music from artists consistently thinking outside of the box, so catching Ravenscoon here will fit right on in and be quite possibly one of the best sets to vibrate frequencies throughout the grounds that weekend. From some investigating on Ravenscoon’s Facebook, it seems that he will be performing on Saturday, June 18th, which is perfect because Saturday’s are always quite the mind fuck of a day at Bloom. You do not want to miss this special performance, so be sure to get tickets if you haven’t yet!

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