Sonic Bloom Returns w/ a GNARLY 2022 Lineup (TCE SoundCloud Playlist Included)

Welcome back, Bloomers!

And Hello, Newcomers!

Sonic Bloom has announced their triumphant return with one hell of a lineup for the 2022 Festival season! This stacked lineup is similar to their 2020 artist bookings that got pushed back due to Covid. But with a few changes to the lineup, we are coming back to The Unified Field with a wonderful lineup that caters to all festi-lovers! From June 16th to the 19th, Sonic Bloom will take over the beloved Hummingbird Ranch in Rye, Colorado, for a four day camping festival unlike any other. Featuring names like; Tipper, Lettuce, Lab Group, Detox Unit, Of The Trees, Yheti, Chee, Daily Bread, Inzo, Mize, Shlump, Wreckno, Eazybaked, Khiva, MeSo, Moontricks, Ravenscoon, Integrate, Saka, and soooo many more amazing names that’d fill a whole paragraph. We put together a SoundCloud Playlist that has all of the artists announced so far! Check it out here: or by the social media links further down this page. The lineup alone is enough reason to check out Sonic Bloom if you haven’t attended yet but let’s be real, there’s so much more to this event than the mind blowing music that comes to the stages. Here’s a quick list for a couple of my favorite reasons to attend Bloom.

Sonic Bloom 2022 Tickets

All types of art scatter throughout the grounds between and all around  the stages. They bring In countless live painters amongst other artists who create with woodworking, balancing rocks, working the visuals and  lights, and so much more. For being a moderate sized festival the amount of talent booked is surreal.

There is a creek that runs down and through camping along the northern front of the festival camping grounds and it is key during the hot summer days. It is a blessing to be able to have that running stream go through the grounds. (Lets just hope for a solid winter with enough snow melt to last us till then!)

The community is honestly something else. We are such an unique and joyous community, it is hard to put it in words how much love, creativity, and positive expression is shared throughout the grounds in such a short period of time. It is the perfect place to make new friends while still making the best of memories with your homies and loved ones.



Performing artists are another reason why Sonic Bloom stays so unique. The performers range from LED Hoops, fans, and other flow toys, to Fire props, and aerial performance. There are definitely a few artists who really focus their set on this, like Desert Dwellers and Lunar Fire who are booked to perform this year!


There is so much more to mention about this bright and beautiful festival, but I said I’d keep it quick right? So last but not least, it is a TRUE, to the core, Colorado Electronic Music Festival. Premiere Electronic Music some might say. And with that, comes the location and this location is just too notch! It can get a little extreme with gnarly winds or hail, but it’s Colorado and not only does that happen here, but it’ll go as quick as it came and we’ll be back in the warmth of the desert mountain sun. I love this location and the grounds fit the vibe of the festival oh just perfectly.

(Oh also the sound systems. Yeah, the sound systems melt face and we hope to see the Funktion Ones on grounds again!)




Sonic Bloom 2022 Tickets

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